How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally Calculator

How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally Calculator is explicated in this article. We hope you follow and…

How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally Calculator is explicated in this article. We hope you follow and adhere to these guides.

How to use ovulation kit to conceive a boy

How to Conceive a Boy
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Every parent wants to have a male child because irrespective of the troubles that this gender comes with, the male child means a lot to some families in specific traditions.

Are you that parent who has more than two girl child and are looking for a proven way to have a boy child, or you are that one that wants your first child to be a boy, you are on the right page.

We will briefly discuss how you can birth a boy in your next pregnancy. But before reading, please note that all science put together may fail sometimes.

How to Give Birth to a Baby three ways can

As far as having a boy child is concerned, there are three ways that can be made possible and each of the ways are not independent of another.

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1. Avoid Having Sex before ovulation

If having a boy child is your delight or expectation, be careful not to have sexual intercourse with your spouse a couple of days before the ovulation period or when the fertile cervical mucus appears, if you must have sexual intercourse during this period, be sure to use birth control or you will be expecting a baby girl instead of the desired boy.

*Fertile days for baby boy

For parents anticipating a boy child, intercourse should be done during ovulation. For the benefit of those who don’t understand when they are ovulating, it is important to observe the mucus inside the vagina.

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When a lady has dry and sticky mucus, ovulation has not begun. When she has a creamy mucus, then it means that ovulation is fast approaching.

A wet and watery mucus often connotes that she will ovulate within a very short time from then and when the mucus becomes stretchy and wet, it becomes obvious that ovulation has begun hence, the right time for the conception of a boy child.

2. Go deep during sexual intercourse

When a woman is ovulating, she often becomes acidic. The acidity is to help fight off infections. However, the acidity of a woman’s vagina does not in any way sponsor the conception of a male child hence, when having sexual intercourse, go deep into her vagina.

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To go deep, try using sex positions such as cowgirl, doggy, anvil, deep impact, right angle, jockey, etc. These sex positions help to promote deep penetration of the penis into the woman’s vagina.

3. Change your meals

The male sperm loves content and an environment filled with alkaline therefore if you need a boy, change your diet. Eat food that contains a high alkaline content (especially the women) such as; barley grass, almonds, avocado, tomato sauce, fresh lemons, figs, apricots, sprouted seeds, etc.

Be conscious of the breakfast you consume, make sure it is rich in calories. Eats more cereals for breakfast t and reduces foods that are rich in magnesium calcium such as dairy foods, rather, than increasing the consumption of foods rich also in sodium and potassium.

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The many people and as you try them for a lot of people in as you give them a try, we wish you success on the desired result.

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