How to Start Garri Business in Nigeria

How to start Garri business in Nigeria is the main focus of this article. We hope it gives…

How to start Garri business in Nigeria is the main focus of this article. We hope it gives you all the needed guides on the business.

Garri Distribution Business in Nigeria

How to Start Garri Business in Nigeria
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Garri has been a word on the lips of every Nigerian. It is either they are sipping it, eating it dry, eating it as eba or using it to cook soup, or even mixing it with pounded yam as the case may be.

Garri has gained fame over time in that it satisfies the hungry stomach and gives strength. The level of starch found in this substance is enough to give the energy to do work. It is very rare to see people who have never tasted garri in their whole lives in Nigeria.

Over 576 million bags of garri is sold and consumed every year in Nigeria and yet, it is never enough because it is widely consumed in the country.

However, garri is not produced by ghosts. People like you and I produce this commodity and make money from it. How one can invest in this business and reap bountifully in little or no time will be discussed in this article.

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How to start Garri business in Nigeria

There are two ways you can get into the business; either as a primary producer or a secondary producer. The primary producers are those who harvest cassava from the farms, process them, and package it as a finished garri product.

The secondary producers are those who repackage a processed garri and still make money out of it. However, there are advantages to being a primary producer, the main three are:

  1. You control the quality of your garri
  2. You don’t spend so much money on repackaging, all you need is a sack.
  3. You operate from the grassroots level. You cannot run short of garri because you own a cassava farm which is the main ingredient. And many more.

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As a secondary producer, there are also some advantages but equally, we’ll share three here. These are:

  1. You can start your business with as low as 20 – 50 thousand naira
  2. You don’t need a big farm
  3. You don’t need to know anything related to agriculture if you don’t want to.

Having outlined the advantages of these types of garri producers, you need to understand that to venture into the business as a primary producer, you’ll need a lot of money to buy or rent a very big land, cultivate the cassava stems, pay laborers, set up a cassava processing factory and a lot of other stuff like purchasing machines, buying the sacs and even marketing your product. So for this article, we’ll show you how to venture into the business as a secondary producer of garri.

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Here are the Guides on How to start Garri business in Nigeria:

1. Get a steady supply of Garri

As a secondary producer, the most important raw material you need to have is garri. You need to have a steady supply of raw materials.

In order to maintain the same taste and quality over and over again, you should endeavor to validate the reliability of the person you will be buying the product from so that you will not be disappointed.

A bag of garri as at the time of this article costs about 8 to 9 thousand naira only. Don’t attempt buying in cups. For a start, get your garri in bags and ask to know the best quality garri most people want.

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2. Create a customized package for your garri

You are not going to be promoting another person’s brand, instead, you’ll be trying to carve a niche for yourself in the garri market which is actually large enough for as many people that want to be a part of it.

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