How to Satisfy an Unhappy Customer – 6 Tips

How to Handle Unhappy Customers

How to Satisfy an Unhappy Customer – 6 Tips is discussed in this article to guide you in giving your customers the treatments that will keep them.

Tips for dealing with unhappy customers

How to Handle Unhappy Customers
How to Handle Unhappy Customers – Photo Source:

Irrespective of your line of business, you need your customers to stay in business. Don’t be caught in the illusion that your customers need you because they don’t accept if you are the only one providing that particular product or service and as you well know, what you are selling to your customers is also being sold by your competitors who are waiting for your customers to dance their way.

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It is in this understanding that all businesses must learn how to manage their customers, especially the ones that are dissatisfied with their services.

In this article, we will be giving you some tips that make some multinational companies stand out when it comes to customer service.

Before we continue, you should not forget that you cannot please everyone but at the same time, you should not displease the majority except you are bowing out of business.

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How to Handle Unhappy Customers

1. Consider the gravity of the complaint that the customer is making

Often business owners overlook very sensitive issues that affect their customers and make them look as though they didn’t matter.

For crying out loud, your customers are the reason why you are still in business when they complain about anything to you either directly or through a third party, you should look at the complaint critically and not just wave it off like just another butterfly.

This does not mean also that you should directly attend to every complaint, by now we expect you to have had a good response system for your business. You just have to take to the importance of the ones that could affect the ultimate health of your business.

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2. Talk with the affected customer

Silence on a matter sometimes gives room to assumptions and these assumptions could ruin your business. When a customer has an issue with your product or services, let your customer service talk with the customer, and let the customer be heard, it will go a long way to keep that customer even if the fault was from your company or the customer.

3. Remember that one unsatisfied customer can chase away 20 potential customers

You could even ask the customer for his or her input so that the product or service can be delivered in a better way to him or her.

Be sure not to take responses from customers personally, your customers only care about themselves and they will only air out their disappointment just to make sure you improve your service delivery.

You don’t have to view it as though they are attacking you are a person rather, see it as an opportunity to review your products or services.

The moment you take the complaint of a customer personally; it will affect your response to that customer.

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4. Don’t just listen to complaints, hear them

Most companies just pretend to be listening to their customers when they were not. When you listen to customers, do well to do it with an unbiased mind.

It’s not easy to do so especially when they are destructively criticizing a product or service you spent a long time building but you just have to listen clearly with an unbiased mind so that you can get the most out of the complaint and know exactly what the unsatisfied customer wants.

5. Remember that it is only a customer that loves your company that will complain about your products or services

The one who does not will simply look out to the next available person that can offer the same thing better.

When a customer complains to you, use his or her complaint to create a life-long bond with him or her. This is primarily the essence of customer service in most companies, that use the tool well.

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6. Say ‘Thank You to customers who voice out their disappointments or dissatisfaction with you

It’s not everyone that will do the same. Listening adequately to your customers’ complaints speaks a lot of volumes about your business, you should treat your customers well knowing that you cannot go far in business without your customers, and if they are unsatisfied with what you have to offer, you will soon be out of business.

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