How to Stop Masturbation: 6 Amazing Tips

How to Stop Masturbation: 6 Amazing Tips is discussed herein. This has become a habit for many and…

How to Stop Masturbation: 6 Amazing Tips is discussed herein. This has become a habit for many and this article is to help people overcome this habit.

How to Stop Masturbation: Helpful Tips

How to Stop Masturbation
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Masturbation is the rubbing of one’s private parts or sexual organs with the sole aim of reaching orgasm and releasing semen.

It is an act done intentionally to satisfy immediate sexual needs when there is no sexual partner to fill in the gap.

However, masturbation has now become a habit amongst people of all ages, especially youngsters, they do it now for the fun of spilling out semen.

Masturbation is done everywhere every day. If you conduct a census, you may be shocked to realize that even the most trusted adults engage in the act of masturbation. There are a lot of factors that promote masturbation and some of them will be discussed in this article.

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Here are Helpful Techniques To Stop Masturbation:

1. Stop Pornography

When you are exposed to pornographic content, there is the tendency you will always go to practice what you have seen and in cases where there is no one to practice it, the idea of Masturbation jumps in and boom, you are in the act already.

2. Don’t Cohabitation with a member of the opposite sex

In Nigeria, cohabitation has suddenly become a common trend. When you live with a member of the opposite sex that is not related to you in any way, the tendency of being sexually drawn to such a person is on the rise because you’ll always see the person dressing up, sleeping, making up, and doing other things the sours up lust.

And if the person (especially the lady) hangs her undies in the bathroom where you bathe, it may communicate sex to you but because you want to maintain your integrity, you will simply opt for Masturbation.

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3. Don’t be Idleness

Someone always busy will rarely have time to masturbate or even entertain the thought. When a person becomes idle, he becomes a workshop for Masturbation.

4. Avoid Peer pressure

‘Everyone is doing it, give it a try.’ Most people end up Masturbating because their friends suggested the barbaric act to them and pressurized them to do it.

5. Avoid Faulty sex education

In a bid to educate youngsters about sexually related activities, some counselors and teachers spur up the urge to have sex within these people thereby leading to masturbation.

6. Flee Youthful Exuberance

At the stage of youthfulness, young people want to explore every part of their bodies to see their capabilities, this sometimes ensnares them in the act of Masturbation. This is becoming troubling as it brings up other bad effects later on in life.

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