How to Start Weavon Business in Nigeria

How to Start Weavon Business in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is to guide you…

How to Start Weavon Business in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is to guide you into executing your plan of weavon business.

Weavon and Attachment Business

How to Start Weavon Business in Nigeria
How to Start Weavon Business in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Looking good, they say, is good business. Ladies want to look good, always. You can be part of this quest for good looks by dealing with one of those items. The item here is weavon.

Currently, in Nigeria, there is a growing need and demand for hair extensions and weavon or weave-on. Dealing in weavon is a very lucrative business as the demand for it never ceases among women. The business is not very capital-intensive.

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How to Start Weavon Business in Nigeria

Here are Guides on How to Start Weavon Business in Nigeria:

1. Do a feasibility study on weavon business

Before you start selling hair extensions and weavons in Nigeria, conduct a feasibility study to ascertain how profitable the business is in your locality.

Beyond ascertaining the profitability of the business, it is good to know which type of hair extension to sell. There are different types of hair extensions used by Nigerian women. There are human hair and synthetic hair.

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a. Human hair is real human hair

It is obtained from humans in such countries as Brazil, India, and Peruvian. Generally, Brazilian hair is always in high demand in Nigeria.

It is always soft and fluffy, curly, and usually lasts longer. Human hair has the capacity of being curled, colored, and even straightened into a more beautiful look. It is the most expensive hair extension.

b. The synthetic hair is artificial

It is manufactured from plastic fiber. It is much cheaper than human hair. Synthetic hair extension or weave-on comes set, i.e. it comes pre-styled and colored.

It, however, has different sizes, lengths, and styles. The length, color, texture of each hair extension type influences the price. You should take this knowledge into account when setting up your weapon shop.

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Your feasibility study should also contain the amount of money you need to open your weave in the shop.

You can start large depending on the amount of money at your disposal. You should not open a large outlet in a rural community where very few ladies buy hair extensions.

2. Open your shop

Get a spacious shop to stock your hair extension. Stock up the shop to the capacity of your capital. You should use the kind of shop that allows for expansion in case you want to expand your stock.

Put up as many varieties of a weave as possible. Your price should not be too high at the initial time so as to fetch you more customers. Network with other weavon dealers to know where to get good supplies at cheaper rates.

The best location for your weave-on business is a school environment. This kind of environment has a high concentration of young women.

This, in turn, increases your customer base potential. You can choose to sell both wholesale and retail stock. Selling retail also brings in a good income.

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You can cut and restyle hair extensions to meet the demands and preferences of your customers. Develop a good relationship with the large-scale sellers you buy from.

You will be enjoying various discounts from them. The more you buy from them, the more souvenir items you get for your items.

When selling hair extensions and weave-on in Nigeria, it would be better if you add other hair products. Weavon buyers do buy other things. Good luck with selling your weavon.

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