How to Cook Nigerian Ewedu Soup will be explicitly explained in this article. Read to the end and learn How to Prepare Nigerian Ewedu Soup.

How to Cook Ewedu Soup

How to Prepare Nigerian Ewedu Soup
How to Prepare Nigerian Ewedu Soup – Photo Source:

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Ewedu soup is a green leaf delicacy native to the people of Yoruba. Yoruba is the second largest ethnic group in Nigeria and they dwell in the southwestern region of the country. Ewedu is a type of draw soup. It has a slimy texture.

So here is a list of the recipe or ingredients needed to cook a pot of ewedu soup:

  • Ewedu leaves otherwise called jute leaves (the botanical name is
  • corchorus olitorius.)
  • Water
  • Iru or locust beans
  • Powdered potash
  • Salt
  • Maggi cubes or any other seasoning cubes or powder
  • Pepper
  • Crayfish

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The utensils you need to make Ewedu in Nigeria are as follow: 

  • Mashing broom
  • OR
  • Blender
  • Saucepan
  • Bowls
  • And any other cooking utensil

So how do you make ewedu soup? So after stating the items you need to make ewedu, read on to learn the step by step procedure of cooking or preparing ewedu soup.

How to Prepare Nigerian Ewedu Soup

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Here are Guides on How to Prepare Nigerian Ewedu Soup:

  1. Get you ewedu from the market or from the garden. Pick or pluck the leaves from the stalk. Wash your ewedu clean to get rid of dust, sand, and other unwanted stuff that might have stuck to the leaves. Note that the quantity of ewedu use is determined by the number of people you are cooking for or the amount of ewedu soup you want to have at the end of the cooking process.
  1. Boil some amount of water with the iru or locust beans. The quantity of water should not be too much when compared to the quantity of ewedu leaves you have.
  2. When the water has boiled, add a pinch of potash powder into the water. This is to soften the ewedu leaves.
  3. Add the ewedu to the boiling pot. Leave it to boil for about 7 to 10 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, rinse the broom while the ewedu is cooking. When you bring down the ewedu pot, use the short mashing broom to pound the leaves inside the pot. The iru or locust beans seeds, as well as the ewedu leaves, should be shredded into tiny bits and the leafy water turn sticky and slimy. This should not take more than 3 minutes.
  5. On the other hand, you can pour the cooked ewedu leaves with the water and iru into a blender.
  6. Use the pulse function to blend it. This is a neater and easier way to prepare ewedu leaves. Pour back the pulsated ewedu into the pot.
  7. In the pot, add the crayfish that you’ve ground. Also add salt, pepper, and other seasoning items. Allow the soup to simmer on low heat for about 4 minutes.

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Bring it down and serve.

However, you cannot eat ewedu soup just like that. You need tomato stew to eat ewedu. Just get your fresh tomatoes and fresh peppers from the market. You can use more than one species of pepper depending on your taste preference.

Blend the fresh tomatoes and pepper and deep fry in either palm oil or vegetable oil. You should add meat or fish to eat. Eat ewedu with amala, eba, or semo.

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