How to Prepare Delicious Ofe Owerri will be discussed in this article. Read and learn how to prepare delicious and mouthwatering Ofe Owerri.

Ingredients and How to Prepare Ofe Owerri

How to Prepare Nigerian Ofe Owerri
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Ofe Owerri is a traditional Igbo soup. As the name implies, ofe owerri will simply mean owerri soup. Ofe owerri can be cooked with some vegetables such as ugwu, uziza or oha (ora).

It is a very delicious soup. The vegetables add to their nutritional richness. Read down to learn how to cook this Igbo delicacy.

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Recipe for Ofe Owerri in Nigeria

  • Cocoyam corms
  • Assorted meat
  • Dry fish
  • Stockfish
  • Fluted Pumpkin leaves Ugwu
  • Uziza
  • Pepper
  • Crayfish
  • Seasoning cubes or powder
  • Salt
  • Water

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Notes on the ingredients

  1. You can use fresh catfish if you cannot come by beef or goat meat. You can also use smoked fish instead.
  2. Ponmo/shaki/kanda/ikpa can also be used.
  3. Ugwu can be replaced by oha (ora).
  4. If you are a lover of seafood, by all means, use some. These could include periwinkle, prawns, lobster, or any other seafood. Make sure these items are duly prepared for the soup.
  5. Ofe owerri is a peppery soup. Use as much pepper as possible.
  6. Cocoyam can equally be replaced by white yam. Besides, you can add additional thickening agents such as achi or ofor.

How to Prepare Nigerian Ofe Owerri

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Here are the Procedures for How Prepare Nigerian Ofe Owerri: 

  1. Before you start cooking your ofe owerri, peel, wash, and boil your cocoyam corms. When it is soft, bring out the pieces and pound them till you obtain a very smooth paste.
  2. Wash and cut your vegetables. If you are using oha, use your fingers to cut the leaves to prevent them from turning dark.
  3. Wash and prepare your beef or goat meat. Season it and steam it. If you are using fresh fish, do the same.
  4. Add the stockfish to the steaming meat when the meat is half done. Add your diced ponmo to it too.
  5. Shred the dry fish and add the pieces to the meat pot when the meat is almost done.
  6. Let the water in the meat be enough to cook the quantity of soup you desire. If the water is not enough, add more and let it boil.
  7. Add the palm oil. It should not be too much. Let it boil until the palm oil blends with the water.
  8. Add your ground crayfish and pepper. Also, add your seafood like periwinkle and others. Add the seasoning cubes or powder as well as salt to taste.
  9. Let the pot simmer on medium heat for about four minutes.
  10. Bits by bits, add the cocoyam or yam pulp. Let it simmer for about two minutes so that the lumps could dissolve. If you are using achi or ofor, have them blended. Use hot water to melt the achi powder before adding it to the soup otherwise, the soup will be lumpy.
  11. Add the chopped ugwu and uziza or oha. Cover the pot and let it simmer for about two more minutes.
  12. Stir the soup in the pot and put out the fire. Your ofe owerri is ready to be served.

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You can eat ofe owerri with pounded yam, pounded cocoyam, eba, semo, fofo, wheat meal, or any other type of swallow.

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