5 Unbelievable Benefits of Smelling Good

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Using Perfume intends to bring to your perusals why you should make smelling good your business.

What are the uses of perfume

Benefits of Cologne:

  1. Smelling good makes you attractive
  2. Smelling good makes you more comfortable
  3. Smelling good attracts compliments
  4. Smelling good sends a good perception about you
  5.  Smelling Good increases the chances of being welcomed

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5 Unbelievable Benefits of Smelling Good
Benefits of Smelling Good – Photo Source: https://www.mensxp.com

Do you know that smelling good is as important as looking good in everyday living? Ever been in a public bus where a fellow commuter gets on the bus and the atmosphere changes with a mixture of sweat, smoke, fish, and others? If yes, how did you feel?

And have you ever been on a public bus and a fellow commuter walks in, smelling pleasant? If yes, how did you feel? Smelling good has been taken for granted by most people.

Most concentrate on how they look, neglecting what they smell like. There is a common saying that the way you dress, is the way you’ll be addressed and the way you smell is a part of your dressing.

It should as well be noted that the way you smell influences the way you’ll be addressed. There is power in perception.

You are what you smell. Some are looking for love yet, they don’t smell pleasing when approaching a woman. And they forget the fact that the first impression matters a lot.

Research has proven that women give more cognition to how good a person smell and sound than how they look.

This is because you can always make everyone look good when there is money (i.e. polish up the person – you know what I mean right???).

In the gym, bathroom, when you’ve just woken up, office, market, church, etc. Cultivate the habit of bathing at least twice a day (especially if you sweat a lot), always move with a hand towel, get a fragrance that suits your skin (you can as well get a pocket fragrance} and attract compliments from others to boost your moral/self-esteem every day.

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1. Smelling good makes you attractive

Smelling good could result in human attraction. People tend to give you more attention when you smell good. Research has proven that human attraction is a result of chemical messengers called pheromones.

These pheromones trigger physical, sexual, and emotional feelings detected through the nose.

This is why the moment you smell good, it tends to increase the attention given to you (i.e. people tend to give you their listening hear/want to know you more).

So if you are in search of a boyfriend/girlfriend/friendship, smelling bad could be a bad signal about you to your proposed partners.

You know what to do hence forthright…???

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1. Smelling good makes you attractive

Smelling good is a reflection of your soul and overall self. Smelling bad could offend others.

Even if you don’t smell bad, knowing that you don’t smell great amongst friends, could affect your morale and state of mind.

This might make people start picking on you. You would not want to get to a gathering, and you find peeps holding their nose, owing to your presence. This will make you feel bad and uncomfortable.

This is why you need to always smell good, so you can feel free, feel among, and flow along with everyone, wherever you find yourself.

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3. Smelling good attracts compliments

Everyone loves to be appreciated. It boosts your confidence when you are appreciated.

The compliment that you smell wonderful could help boost your morale and make you have a splendid day thereby increasing your self-esteem.

4. Smelling good sends a good perception about you

Compared to others who smell bad or don’t smell anything at all, smelling good could help boost your personality. It increases the tendency of people to have a good opinion about you. It could make people think and see you as a good/wonderful person.

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 5. Smelling Good increases the chances of being welcomed

Smelling wonderful, get people attracted to you, and long to be with you always.

Everyone loves good things. When you smell good, people tend to give you more attention and a listening ear. It increases the chances of people welcoming you around them.

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