How Active Listening Can Help Your Relationship

How Active Listening Can Help Your Relationship is discussed herein. We hope you find the article helpful and informative.

Benefits of Active Listening 

How Active Listening Can Help Your Relationship
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In any vital relationship, the purpose of active listening is to help solve a problem. The problem the speaker wishes to solve may not be too great.

The speaker may just be looking for a reliable listener to unburden his heart, as it were. If advice is required, the listener should ensure that the three conditions are met before offering one.

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Such advice should be correct. The listener should also be quite certain that the person seeking the advice especially if it has to do with one’s life, is truly ready to accept it. He or she should be certain that the person seeking the advice should listen to details.

Active listening and attending to non-verbal behavior are essential to enable a person to understand what the other person actually means.

The relationship can be well enhanced when people focus their attention on the speaker to adequately understand them. According to some scholars, good and active listening is more than hearing what is said.

There are three important components that portray a good listener such as interpretation, understanding or misunderstanding, and evaluation.

Interpretation leads to understanding while evaluation involves weighing the information and deciding how to use it, and finally responding based on what was heard, understood, and evaluated.

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Active listening can help your relationship if you listen carefully to what your partner, client, or business coach is saying and how he or she says it.

Also, avoid interrupting and allow the person to complete sentences and ideas. Seek silence to engage the person to continue talking.

Thus, giving the person enough time and space to get out thoughts and feelings that may be difficult for that person to talk about particularly if the person has never expressed themselves or has never discussed the such matter with any other person.

You can also ask questions to clarify what the person is actually saying or the actual meaning of his or her discussion. If you want to improve your relationship, it is important to ask questions to get vital or important questions.

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Such questions could be asked using what, where, when, how, under what circumstances, how often, why, and so on as the need arises.

When listening, questions are very necessary because it helps the person involve to systematically explore relevant content about the discussion.

You should also note similarities and discrepancies between what the person says or his or her thoughts, how the person says it with respect to their feelings, and what the person does which reveals his or her actions. The real or elicits feedback from the person to check for and ensure the accuracy of the listener’s perception.

Every other aspect of your relationship is built on active listening. Furthermore, research shows that most people pick up about 7% of the message from what people say, 38% is picked up from the vocal aspects of their communication, and 55% from other non-verbal aspects of their communication for instance their body language including eye contact, facial expression, gestures, posture, and overall body movement.

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In conclusion, you have to help and improve your relationship then you must master the techniques of listening which involves hearing, attending to details, understanding, and remembering.

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