6 Steps to Start Makeup Business

6 Steps to Start Makeup Business are listed and explicated herein. Reading it to the end will help…

6 Steps to Start Makeup Business are listed and explicated herein. Reading it to the end will help you understand the makeup business.

How to Start Makeup Business 

6 Steps to Start Makeup Business
How to Start Makeup Business – Photo Source: http://www.mayasalonnyc.com

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Makeup or a Makeover is something that almost every woman cannot do without. Immediately a lady finishes having her bath, she reaches out her hands to pick up her make-up kit.

Every lad wants to look good when going out especially on very important occasions because every woman believes that men are moved by what they see, they make up to attract the kind of men they want.

Married women make up to keep looking smart and sweet to their spouses. While women make up for pleasure, some people take make-up seriously and they make a monthly turnover of close to a million naira monthly (this amount though is determined by the caliber of people a makeover artist deals with not necessarily the number).

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Today, I will be showing you how to make huge money from the makeover business so that while the bride looks beautiful, you are getting richer.

How to Start Makeup Business in Nigeria

Here are guides on How to Start Makeup Business in Nigeria:

1. Go acquire the skills

A professional makeover is very different from the one you do in your bed or bathroom. You’ll be tampering with someone’s face and the whole world will see it. You can’t afford to think you know how to do it. You just have to go learn how to do it first from a guru.

While you learn the skill, you’ll also get the opportunity to learn how to promote your brand especially if you are learning with a well-known makeover artist.

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2. Get the tools

A skill without tools to perform the skills is worthless. You need to acquire the right tools needed for a makeover e.g. Makeup fundamentals which include brushes, powders, foundations, lip balm, etc.

You need a shop, a good one except you want to attract those without money who will undervalue your services. You also need good interior designs for those customers who will be coming into your shop.

3. Establish connections everywhere

Don’t operate in isolation and pray for those with the money to locate them. Befriend people who will help your business. Your WhatsApp and Facebook accounts should be about a makeover.

Attend big occasions even when you are not invited and give your card to someone. You will be surprised at the return on investment you’ll get by just giving out a simple complimentary card.

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4. Update your skills

What works today may not work tomorrow. Every day, search for new ideas and concepts in the makeover business. Let what you do become a passion, let even the blind know that you are in quest for advanced makeover knowledge. Even when you are making huge money from the business, when you see a new concept, go and learn it.

5. Be mobile

Businesses that intend to operate in one geographical zone rarely excel. Sometimes you may be needed to make up a bride, you don’t expect her to come to you on her wedding day. Get a car for your business or pre-book a cab for such occasions.

Arrive at the house or meeting point of your clients on time, little things like these make a big difference to your business. Try as much as possible never to give the excuse of road traffic, apologies may be accepted but the scar on your business still remains.

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6. Be flexible

Know when you’re dealing with the millionaire and the one who can’t afford what a millionaire has. Have different packages for your business.

One lady may be able to pay 500,000 naira for her makeover to be done while the other may just be able to afford 50,000 naira. You should have packages to cover the two of them. Remember that every day will not always be rosy.

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