How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria

How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria enlightens you on How to become a DSTV agent in…

How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria enlightens you on How to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria. We hope you find the article beneficial.

How to Be DSTV Agent

How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria
How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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DSTV stands for Digital Satellite Television. It is owned by MultiChoice, the makers of Gotv. It is one of the most popular pay television networks in Africa.

In Nigeria, DSTV is the most widely used pay TV. In fact, Nigeria constitutes about 40% of the total number of DSTV users in Africa.

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A DSTV agent is a licensed and trained and authorized individual who sells and installs DSTV items to clients on behalf of the DSTV company. DSTV agents also provide technical support to their clients. They are very well needed especially in areas where the company cannot reach.

Because of the popularity of DSTV and Nigeria’s love for entertainment, becoming a DSTV agent in Nigeria is very profitable. In this article, we will explain what you have to do to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria.

If you want to become a DSTV sub-agent or sub-dealer, you do not have to do much. You have to pay little money to receive technical training.

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This is necessary since you will be installing satellite dishes and decoders. You will generally be required to fix things from time to time.

As a DSTV sub-dealer, you will have to work under the super-agent. To become a DSTV sub-dealer, you need to register with a super dealer.

You cannot deal directly with the DSTV company. If you choose to become a super dealer or super agent, you will have to invest a greater amount of money.

It can run into millions of naira. This is because registering as a super-agent grant you a DSTV franchise. Your duties will be more than just installing decoders.

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Here is Guide on How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria:

1. Capital

Yes, you need to have the capital. This is the most basic requirement. As mentioned earlier, the amount of capital needed depends on whether you want to be a super-agent or a sub-dealer.

If your capital is small, it is advisable you start out as a sub-agent and grow your financial base until you can afford a DSTV franchise.

2. Training

After raising your capital, you need to get trained on the kind of services you will be rendered as a DSTV agent. MultiChoice, owners of DSTV has a training service for its certified installers.

To enroll, fill out the form on the company website. At the end of the technical training, you will be assessed. Be sure to pass your technical examination.

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3. After the training, you will have your shop stocked up

Make sure your shop is strategically located. Remember that most people who can afford DSTV are based in the city. You do not need to bother so much about advertising and publicity as the company does this.

Just try to reach out to potential clients around and establish a good business relationship with customers. Stay updated so you can learn of new developments in the company early enough.

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