How to Be a Chef in Nigeria: 6 Steps

How to Be a Chef in Nigeria: 6 Steps brings to your perusal the necessary step-to-step guide on…

How to Be a Chef in Nigeria: 6 Steps brings to your perusal the necessary step-to-step guide on How to Become a Chef in Nigeria.

How Hard is It to Become a Chef 

How to Become a Chef in Nigeria:

  1. Attend a catering school
  2. Get practical experiences
  3. Acquire cooking utensils and equipment
  4. Choose a specialty
  5. Apply for a job
  6. Create a brand and build visibility
How to Be a Chef in Nigeria: 6 Steps
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All human beings eat and drink. But not everyone can cook or make mouthwatering dishes and drinks. That is where the need for a chef comes in.

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A chef is basically a cook. But he is not an ordinary cook. He is a trained professional who is competent in all areas of food preparation.

Irrespective of how proficient a chef might be in all foods, he or she usually focuses on a particular cuisine or food class.

A chef might not necessarily take part in an actual cooking process. He or the chief can plan meals, organize food services, and give advice on hotel and restaurant management.

Now, are you interested in filling that gap? Do you have a passion for cooking and food preparation? Are you currently unemployed or underpaid and want a decent change in income? If yes is your answer, then the ministry of a chef comes calling.

Being a chef in Nigeria is very lucrative. With so many events happening around us every day, being skilled in food preparation is of financially profitable advantage.

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How to Be a Chef in Nigeria:

1. Attend a catering school

Some people have a natural flair for cooking or anything that has to do with the kitchen. No matter how well you think you naturally know about food preparation, it is advisable that you attend a catering school where your natural talents will be brushed into income-making skills.

At a catering school, you will be taught proper methods of food handling, how to prepare local and international cuisines, and how to successfully run an enterprise as a chef. There are many catering schools in Nigeria. Just enroll in one that suits you.

If you are unable to attend a physical catering school, you can take free and paid online courses where you get to learn catering ethics and other knowledge you need to become a good Nigerian chef.

You can also learn to cook with YouTube videos. There are many online resources available for skills upgrades. Read wide to acquaint yourself with Nigerian meals owned by different ethnic groups.

At the completion of your training, you will be given a certificate and a license. The certificate formalizes your skills and helps prove you are a professional.

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2. Get practical experiences

Because catering schools cannot teach you everything, it is good that you gain practical experience before launching out.

You can ask to be retained in the catering school you attended as a voluntary employee. You can also work as an intern in a food service outfit. Another option is to embark on industrial attachment in a restaurant.

Beyond the practical experience, you will garner, you will also have the opportunity to network and meet potential clients. This added experience will also boost your resume when applying for a job and enhance your proficiency as well.

3. Acquire cooking utensils and equipment

Before you start properly, you will need to own your own culinary tools. You might stock up a kitchen if you intend to run a restaurant.

You can also keep them at home if you want to cook and supply on demand. You do not need to purchase every kitchen gadget, but you need to invest in kitchen equipment.

The basic things will be saucepans, a frying pan, a set of spoons, a mixer, a set of knives, etc. You can acquire the rest as you advance in your career.

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4. Choose a specialty

a. What area of catering do you want to focus on?

b. Do you want to be a personal chef for a family or an organization?

c. Do you want to run fast food?

d. Do you want to be a food vendor for events?

e. Do you want to run a catering school to train others?

f. Do you want to prepare continental cuisines?

g. Do you want to focus on Nigerian dishes?

h. Are you interested in pastries and snacks?

You have to choose your line of service and prepare for it. Before you specialize, know what obtains in the locality so you do not get surcharged.

5. Apply for a job

With the knowledge, you have gained and the decision you have made, you can start applying for a job. Find out how much chefs are paid in that environment. You can check for chef job openings on the internet or on online job boards.

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6. Create a brand and build visibility

I am sure you want to be known. If this is the case, you need to create a brand. Become visible by shamelessly announcing your services. Use social media to build your network. Put out pictures and videos of your work.

On a final note, it is safe to say that becoming a chef in Nigeria is possible if it is your dream or passion. Take the steps outlined and get ready to become a sought-after chef in Nigeria.

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