How to Delay your Period Naturally without Pills

How to Delay your Period Naturally Without Pills are listed and explained herein. You will find this article quite informative.

Proven ways to delay your period

How to Delay your Period Naturally without Pills
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The period of menstruation can be very uncomfortable and the desire to delay one’s period unconsciously crosses the mind of most female folks.

Imagine your menstrual period falling on a special day or a trip, this could make one more worried. The focus of this article will be solely on things you can do or eat to naturally delay your period at least for some time.

Most ladies love to be secretive about their period and if it happens to fall on a proposed vacation date, it is wise you delay it for a while to enjoy the trip without mood swings or any associated menstrual anxiety. With these tips, you have less worry.

Let’s get started!

Take Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar popularly called ACV is a miracle cure for acne, heartburn, and even belly fat. ACV is a major cure for several menstrual issues including pain.

To take ACV first, dilute it in water or any other liquid substance. It is very dangerous to take ACV directly from the bottle without diluting it. This is very unsafe.

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Gram lentils

If you want to delay your period then you should consume gram lentils about two days before your peculated or assumed date for menstruation. In a situation where gram lentils are unavailable, one can simply obtain gram lentil flour as a replacement.

Take Lemon juice

Lemon juice such as apple cider vinegar, are highly acidic food. These foods can irritate your teeth, gums, mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines because of their acidic contents.

Take Gelatin with warm water

Take a cup of clean water and boil for two to three minutes, dissolve the gelatin in the clean warm water. If the water appears to be too hot, wait for a minimum of twenty seconds, then drink it.

Gelatin is believed to help in the delay of menstrual flow. Please note, avoid drinking gelatin in excess or this may cause digestive distress.

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It is surprising to know that excessive exercise is capable of delaying the start of a period. When a person engages in exercises during her, the body naturally reacts to this activity. This explains why professional athletes frequently lose their period most times.

In conclusion, use apple cider vinegar, Gram lentils, lemon juice, gelatin, and another prescription that can delay one’s period is Norethindrone which should only be prescribed by a medical professional.

This is capable of delaying one’s period for three to four days depending on the individual. If possible avoid sex during the course of the meditation or use a condom.

There are cases where people use birth control pills and this also has an associated risk though it delays the menstrual periods the menstrual cramps that come after are usually so painful.

Please note that some of the natural and medicinal prescriptions mentioned are capable of causing one minor harm or the other.

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Due to its possible side effects, it is advisable to console your doctor first for any medical advice to avoid any complications like irregular bleeding.

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