How to Start Beer Distribution in Nigeria

How to Start Beer Distribution in Nigeria is explained with guides in this article. Here are guides on…

How to Start Beer Distribution in Nigeria is explained with guides in this article. Here are guides on how to start Beer Distribution in Nigeria.

How to Become Nigerian Breweries Distributor

How to Start Beer Distribution in Nigeria
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Despite overbearing warnings against alcohol consumption and addiction, human society indulges more in it. Beer is the most wildly consumed alcoholic drink in Nigeria.

There are diverse brands of beer sold in Nigeria. Each brand varies in price, bottle size, taste, and popularity. Because beer consumption will never cease, at least in Nigeria, engaging in the distribution of beer will always be a very profitable business.

As an unemployed Nigerian, you can start selling beer to large retail outlets. Even if you are employed, you can equally engage in this business on a part-time basis to augment your income.

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How to Start Beer Distribution in Nigeria

Here are Guides on How to Start Beer Distribution in Nigeria:

1. Develop a business plan

Before you start selling beer wholesale, do well to draft a plan. Your plan will indicate how large your distribution business will be. It will tell you how much you need to invest.

In your plan, also decide the brand(s) of beer you want to sell. Determine to whom and where you want to sell your beer. Consider the prospective income you are likely to make.

2. Register your business

With the business name, you developed the business plan, and get your business venture registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Alcohol is regulated well. Because of this, you need to obtain a license from the local, state, or federal government depending on the area your business will cover.

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3. Acquire a warehouse

If you wish to become a major beer distributor in your area, you need a large space to store your stock. Your warehouse can be built around or left open.

The space should be wide enough to contain as many crates and cartons as you can sell. You also need as many delivery vans as you can afford. Even if you can’t buy your own vans, have somewhere from which you can hire.

4. Register with a producer

After obtaining the license to sell alcohol, contact the producer(s) of the brand(s) you want to distribute. Find out their conditions and meet them. Follow the laid down protocols of each beer producer.

5. Staffing your distribution business

A beer distribution business is not a business you can do without other employees. Employ as many hands as possible to assist you. You can employ some on a part-time basis.

You however need to manage the business yourself or employ someone reliable and trustworthy to help you manage it.

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6. Distributing beer in Nigeria

Identify popular bars in your area and strike business deals with them. Meet other sub-distributors and supply the beer to them. You can also liaise with event planners and managers to supply your drinks to events and parties.

Use labeled or customized vans to distribute your goods. Companies usually give out souvenirs to their distributors for onward distribution to consumers and sub-dealers. Do not keep these souvenirs to yourself.

It is advisable that you deal with more than one brand of beer. There are varying tastes when it comes to beer consumption. Your business should take care of such varying interests.

Success in your beer business!

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