How to Make Good Decisions in Life

How to Make Good Decisions in Life is explicated in this article. It will guide you to make…

How to Make Good Decisions in Life is explicated in this article. It will guide you to make good decisions in all your life endeavors.

How to make good decisions

How to make the best decision for yourself

How to Make Good Decisions in Life
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When you talk about decision-making, you refer to the act or process of selecting a logical choice from many alternatives and options.

It invokes weighing other possible options, looking at them critically, considering the negative and positive outcomes of the available or preferred option, and making a conclusive choice.

For a decision to be the right one, it has to go through a lot of refining and redefining processes, therefore a good decision is usually not based on momentary gratification.

The problems we find ourselves in sometimes are a result of rash decisions taken without critically considering a lot of other factors.

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How to Make Good Decisions in Life

Here are Guides on How to Make Good Decisions:

1. Look critically at the problem or change

It is at this point that needs and wants comes into play. Some things that need your attention are not needs but wants.

If the problem or change is a need, look at it critically again and again. Look for a possible way of solving that same problem or changing that situation with little or no hitches.

When looking critically at a situation, some questions worth asking yourself are; can I continue with this situation or problem a little longer without having to run at a loss of any kind?

Whatever decision I make now, will it be mature? Is the timing right? How well will I cope with the effect of whatever decision I will take regarding this situation? Those this decision will affect, how will they take it? Can I adequately fund the cost or take responsibility for my actions and inactions regarding this case?

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2. Check other possibilities or alternatives

There is not a single perfect way to do anything. What you want to consider has other sides. Look at the other sides of the coin, consider the odds.

It can be done cheaper, better, and faster if only you look deeper into the whole issue. Don’t just buy an idea because it was sold to you by your best business associate, colleague, staff, friend, or even spouse.

Even if you paid for it, check other possibilities, you will be amazed at the outcome of constructively checking out for other possibilities.

3. Checking is not enough, you have to select the best

Never compromise your fate for a biased choice when making a decision. Remember that every decision you make today will greatly determine the outcome of your life tomorrow.

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After you have put all the other possible options on scale and balances, be sure to select the best. For instance, if you want to have a makeover for your wedding, the fact that a cousin of yours is into the business does not give her the contract automatically.

Select the best out of the available makeover artist available because if you choose your cousin who is not good at what she does, your makeover may destroy your face and cause a show of shame during the whole function.

4. Judge your choice

After you have taken a decision, be sure to sit back and critically analyze the outcome of the decision you took. Had it been a bad decision, sitting back to analyze will help you not to repeat the mistake again and if it had been a good one, it will help you make even better ones.

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At the end of it all, decisions shape our lives. Whether you are rich or broke, is a function of the decision you took at a point in your life and where you will be tomorrow will be greatly determined by the decision you take today.

This is why your decisions must be taken not out of an emotional state but out of a logical one.

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