How to Start Your Music Career in Nigeria

How to Start Your Music Career in Nigeria is the focus of this article. This is to guide…

How to Start Your Music Career in Nigeria is the focus of this article. This is to guide you into discovering your potential in the field of music.

How to Start Music as a Career

How to Start Your Music Career in Nigeria
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Do you have a passion for music? Do you always find yourself singing or playing musical instruments? Do you wish to pursue a career in music and you do not know how to go about it? Follow the simple steps outlined in this post to achieve that goal.

How to Start Your Music Career in Nigeria

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1. Discover the passion

Before you begin a journey into the music world, you need to possess some passion for the career. If you are not passionate about music, you might find it difficult to survive and thrive during tough times.

After you realize that you have a passion for music, also find out what genre of music trips you love. What type of music do you love practicing? Do you like drumming, singing, playing a musical instrument, rapping, etc.?

2. Practice music

Now that you have discovered your passion, you need to train yourself to be able to practice your skill. The type of practice or training you undertake will be determined by what branch of music you have a passion for.

If you love singing as a vocalist, you need voice training. You can constantly practice by singing in your private corner and at local gatherings.

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If you want to start a career as an instrumentalist, you can start learning how to play the particular instrument you want to specialize in and train your voice, fingers, and any other organ you will need to build a career in music. To avoid distractions and discouraging opinions, practice in a secluded spot.

If your preferred genre of music demands accompanying artists, find them and build a band. Practice with your teammates as often as possible.

If you need beats for your rhythm, get an instrumental accompaniment. Getting accompaniment is easier this day. You can get good instrumentals online. It will be very helpful if you can record good practice sessions. You can use them for publicity.

3. Contact a recording studio

When you have practiced and trained yourself well, you can find a recording studio to start recording your music. Make sure you use a studio that is well-versed in the craft.

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While considering your financial capability, you should also consider their professional standard. After making recordings, make sure the content is produced in both digital and hard copy.

Besides making audio production of your music, it will be better if you can make a video too. Even with a limited budget, you can still obtain a good quality music video that would not look dumb to prospective fans. Take a cue from other musical videos you have been watching.

4. Promote your musical talent

If you do not sell your talent, nobody will know what you are capable of. The advertising you skill should not be too expensive these days. Use social media to your advantage.

Take videos of every good performance you undertake and post them online. Ask your friends to share your post. If you are an instrumentalist, ask clients to give reviews about your sterling performances. Share your business card at events you perform. As much as you can, make yourself visible.

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5. Hire a producer

If you are a songwriter and singer, you might need to hire a producer and a manager. They will help you handle the business aspects of your musical career.

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