How to Prepare Afang Soup: Calabar Style is clearly explained herein. We hope you read carefully and learn how to prepare Afang Soup.

Step by Step on How to Cook Afang Soup

How to Prepare Afang Soup in Nigeria
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Afang soup is a very delicious Nigerian soup. It has its origin in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. In Igbo land, afang is called okazi.

Afang soup is prepared basically with the afang vegetable or okazi leaves. Waterleaf is also added to it. The soup can also be prepared with okra and melon.  In this post, however, we will explain how to cook afang with waterleaf.

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To cook afang soup in Nigeria, you need the following ingredients:

1. Afang leaves

The leaves have to be sliced and shredded into tiny pieces. Further, you can pound the leaves to give the soup a smooth texture or outcome.

2. Water leaves

These too should be sliced into tiny shreds and thoroughly washed to remove the slimy juice and sour taste. The slime can cause the soup to go sour easily.

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3. Palm oil

4. Crayfish finely blended

5. Beef/ ponmo/ dry fish/ stockfish

6. Pepper, well blended.

7. Salt

8. Seasoning cubes and powder

9. Periwinkle cut and washed

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Note that the quantity of the ingredients depends on the quantity of soup you want to make. The periwinkle is optional. Among beef, ponmo, dry fish, and stockfish, you can put all of them if you can afford them. You can use whichever one is available. You need plenty of oil.

Here are guides on How to Prepare Afang Soup:

1. First, steam your beef, ponmo, and stockfish. Season them accordingly. Make sure to not use too much water. When that is cooked, add your dry fish to cook for a very few minutes.

2. Next, add little palm oil and allow it to boil for a while. Add your crayfish and pepper as well as other seasonings.

3. After that, add the waterleaf. Let it boil for a minute or two before you add afang. Add your periwinkle. Taste if the ingredients are enough. Pour in your oil, stir the soup, and bring down the pot.

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Your afang soup is ready. Enjoy it with eba, foo foo, and semo or wheatmeal.

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