Pros and Cons of Being Vegetarian

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Benefits of being vegetarian

Vegetarianism Advantages

Important Things to Know about Vegetarians
Important Things to Know about Vegetarians – Photo Source:

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A vegetarian is one who does not eat the flesh of animals, fish, or poultry and also abstains from eating eggs.  In order words, a vegetarian is one who does not eat foods of animal origin. Vegetarians have different meal plans. There are five types of vegetarians, such as:

1. Semi vegetarian

This category of vegetarians does not eat red meats or all meats other than poultry. His diet consists of fish and may include dairy products and other animal products.

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2. Lacto-Ovo vegetarians:

The lacto-ovo vegetarian does not eat meat, fish, or poultry but may take milk, milk products, and eggs.

3. Lacto vegetarians

This type does not eat meat, fish, poultry, and eggs but may take milk and milk products.

4. Vegetarian vegans

They are popularly called Vegans. They do not eat any foods of animal origin and their diet consists of vegetables, vegetable oils, cereals, nuts, fruits, and seeds.

5. Fruitarian

This is a special kind of Vegetarian otherwise called the Vegetarian fruitarian. The Vegetarian fruitarian diet excludes all foods of animal origin and pulses and cereals. Diet may include mainly raw and dried fruit, nuts, honey, and olive oil.

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Ranging from the Semi vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo vegetarians, Lacto vegetarians, Vegetarian vegans, and fruitarians, this is an essential thing to know amazing things about a vegetarian or alternatively, reasons why people become vegetarians because of the following reasons:

There are certain places where fish and meat are considered very expensive and therefore some people do without them in their diet.

Most times the expenses may not be the sole reason but these fishes are poorly handled before it is purposed is enough reason for them to be avoided by a certain class.

Also, when one has excessive protein in the body as a result of ill health, they are medically advised to avoid foods that have excessive protein. This makes some people become vegetarians.

Furthermore, another reason that makes people become vegetarian is that they dislike the idea of animals being killed for food.

There are some developed countries that have laid down policies that regulated the killing of animals. Recently, it was developed that there are some species of animal that are rarely seen and if they are continuously killed, these species of animals may not be in existence even for the view of the next generation. Urgently, policies have been set to aid in the preservation of these animals to prevent them from being used as meat.

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There is some Religion that forbids people of certain tribes to eat the flesh of animals automatically turning them into vegetarians.

There are some minor problems involved in a strict vegetarian Diet The following are problems involved in a strict vegetarians diet:

There is the likelihood of a shortage of first-class protein. There is a possibility of an excessive amount of carbohydrates in the form of Starch.

They may be deficient in vitamins A and D found in meat and fish. There is a tendency to indulge in a bulky diet to obtain the necessary amount of protein.

Importantly, there are essential Points for consideration in Vegetarian Cookery, some of the consideration of essential points in vegetarian cookery include:

When you cater to vegetarians, choose sufficient protein foods from animal products and the vegetable kingdom. Protein can be obtained by making use of pulses (peas and beans) lightly pounded or highly-milled cereals, groundnuts, eggs, and milk.

Fats and oils are important because they give heat to the body and help in the digestion of other foods. Roots, vegetables, green vegetables, salads, and fruits provide minerals and vitamins which help to form a balanced diet.

Make appropriate use of conservative methods of cooking vegetables to preserve the minerals and Vitamins they supply. This method is practiced to prevent bulkiness.

Soak pulses to reduce the length of cooking and ensure cooked cereals and vegetables are thorough.

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Season and flavor well, as pulses and cereals are generally bland in flavor.

In conclusion, most Vegetarians see to it that the main meals are balanced and every food factor is represented in the diet to avoid any minor problems.

It is more effective to be generous with the inclusion of fresh fruits in the diet. The diet of vegetarians tends to be monotonous and so it is necessary to vary it as much as possible.

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