How Are Triplets Formed

How to Give Birth to Triplets

How Are Triplets Formed will be explicitly explained in this article. If you have been looking forward to having triplets, stop and read this.

How Are Triplets Formed

Can You Give Birth To Triplets Naturally

How Are Triplets Formed
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Triplets, also known as High Order Multiples (HOM) signify a situation where three children are carried during the same pregnancy period in one womb.

Most times, triplets are rare to come by but the tendency of getting pregnant with triplets is often possible just to be certain and get a maximum assurance of birthing triplets, a lot of people often opt for fertility treatment which increases the chances of having triplets by 90%.

Triplets can either be formed when one egg that has been fertilized splits into three identical embryos or they can be formed by three separate eggs.

When triplets are formed by one egg, it is known and referred to as Monozygotic, but when they are formed from separate eggs, it is called Polyzygotic.

The Polyzygotic can also be formed when one egg breaks into two embryos plus one other fertilized egg leaving the children to be two identical and one un-identical child but being triplets, in this case, you can say that the triplets are a pair and a spare.

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Triplets are often common amongst older women but very rare amongst younger women because as a woman gets advanced in age, her eggs get older and the quality and strength of the egg fade, making it possible to split easily compared to that of the younger women.

Naturally, when a woman is closer to menopause, her fertility rate, and speed increase, making the woman more prone to birthing multiples.

It is suggested that this happens because nature wants to compensate the woman for leaving the stage of birthing children (This is merely a belief).

How to Give Birth to Triplets 

The first thing is to ensure that you are an older person at age. Especially between the age of 30 and above because apart from the egg splitting more in older persons, you will need strength to bear the triplets.

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Africans are more likely to birth triplets than foreigners. So, you are lucky and stand a higher chance if you are an African to bear triplets.

Make your diet be constituted with foods that are rich in milk. Eat a lot of dairy foods as well as yam. They help to supply the body, with the necessary nutrients for the birth of triplets.

You may need to consider getting fertility assistance. This will greatly improve the chances regardless of your age, race, or color. About 85% of triplets are birthed through fertility treatments or assistance.

In order for the treatment to be safe, you need to visit a doctor who has a specialty in infertility treatment, he will carry out some medical examinations and also see to it that the process is done smoothly to avoid complications.

If you have had children before in your previous pregnancy, it increases your chances of having multiple births in your next pregnancy.

You are also likely to conceive triplets naturally if there is a history of multiple births in your family. In your case, it will come naturally too.

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If you have been diagnosed and the ultrasound scan shows that you will be expecting multiples, do well to plan and prepare ahead. Triplets mean that everything you will buy for delivery will be threefold.

You should get to work immediately and start saving towards the birth of your multiples so that you will not be stranded when the children are born.

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