How to Get Rid of Rats in Nigeria

5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats are listed and explained in this article. This is to help you get rid of rats in your homes.

How to Rid your Home of Rats

How to Get Rid of Rats in Nigeria
How to Get Rid of Rats in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Rats are little-furred and long-tailed mammals that are sneaky and disturbing. From the way they eat, taking tiny bits from different packs of food to the noise they make as they run from one end of the house to the other and their pebble-like feces littering the whole place is very annoying.

Many people do not know how rats get into their rooms and houses, they just notice the funny movements or see their droppings around. Rats come in through broken ceilings, bathroom pipes that have not been well secured, and tiny spaces by the foot of a door.

If you are thinking to get rid of these sneaky and highly prolific pests before they take over your house and literarily send you packing, this article is for you.

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How to Get Rid of Rats in Nigeria

Here are the ways To How to Get Rid of Rats in Nigeria:

1. Plant rodent repellants within or around your house

Some plants are natural rat repellants.

When these plants are grown around or within your house, rats will not come anywhere near them. Some examples of rodent-repellant plants are daffodils, euphorbias, camphor plants, sweet peas, lavender, bay, and oak leaves.

2. Poisonous rat baits

This is what is popularly called rat poisons mixed with food scraps and left in hideous corners or parts of the house perceived to be frequented by rats.

When the rats pick up the food, unbeknownst to the presence of poisonous substances in the food, it is killed by the poison.

Poison rat baits are popular and efficacious but the problem of having to turn one’s house upside down in search of a dead rat makes people want to seek alternative solutions.

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3. The use of pepper sprays

Rats are very allergic to pepper and will do everything to avoid it. One of the most potent pepper sprays is peppermint essential oil.

Unlike other rat repellants, it does not have an offensive smell, the home will still wear a nice scent while the peppermint spray is combating the rodents.

Pepper is known to cause inflammation in the lungs of rats and which is very harmful and eventually results in their death.

4. The use of electronic traps

Gone are the days when we used local wooden or metallic rat traps. In those days, we had kids getting their feet or fingers injured by those traps.

More recently too, there is what is called the mouse/rat glue board, another variant of the now obsolete rat trap which is not only affordable but efficacious.

But there is a more sophisticated rat trap that is electronic in operation and on trapping rodents it electrocutes them.

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5. Leave slices of onions in the corners of your home

Rats detest the smell of onions because it can kill them. A smart thing to do is to slice some onions and deposit them in the corners of your home where you have found traces of rats like their feces or you have seen them pass through. This way, they are not likely to escape it.

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