How to Prevent Erosion

How to Prevent Erosion will be explained here. Erosion has caused undue loss of soil and its nutrients…

How to Prevent Erosion will be explained here. Erosion has caused undue loss of soil and its nutrients and it is almost becoming unbearable.

How to Prevent Soil Erosion

How to Prevent Erosion
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Erosion is the washing away of the topsoil by either wind, water, or animals. As soil wears out on land, it loses nutrients and also pollutes other places such as rivers and seas. Erosion can either happen naturally or artificially.

Wind and water erosion could be classified under natural erosion while animal erosion is classified as artificial erosion. The negative impacts of erosion on our farms and roads cannot be overrated, hence, this article is written to proffer some possible ways we can all prevent erosion both on our farmlands and other lands.

Preventing and Managing Erosion

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Here are Guides on How to Prevent Erosion:

1. Plant more cover crops and grasses

Wind and water are not negative, they just take their course although it affects the lands negatively. This calls for the planting of more cover crops on bare lands.

When land is bare, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you how unsafe and erosion prime such land will be. It is to this end that grasses and cover crops should be planted to cover the soil and its nutrients from erosion.

2. Put stones on the soil

If you have planted on soil that is prone to erosion, the best thing to do is to put out rocks around the region where the planting is done.

This will help prevent the soil beneath the stone from being washed away by water, wind, and even animals. However, some plants have more roots that hold onto the soil thereby preventing erosion but just to be on the safe side, get your mulching right.

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3. Avoid Over-Watering

In the quest to water their crops, most people overwater the crops, leaving the soil at the mercy of the water which is already in its excess.

When watering, try as much as possible to reduce the quantity of water used so that you don’t end up causing erosion to the soil.

4. Plant Trees

Tree planting has been an effective way to fight erosion. When trees are planted TEF, they reduce the effect of the wind and water on the land, thereby retaining a rich soil filled with nutrients.

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5. Protect your crops

Some crops have stronger roots than others, hence making them more resistant to erosion. Others have weaker roots. It will be very helpful if crops with weak roots are planted close to crops with stronger roots.

This may affect the overall health of the weaker crop but at the same time, it will prevent the weaker crop from being destroyed in case of erosion.

6. Improve the drainage system

The longevity of a good road depends solely on the quality of the drainage system made available. Every road should have a well-channeled drainage system if erosion is to be prevented.

7. Keep logs and straws

If the land is very sloppy, it will help to position the log on the surface of the land, as the water is running down, it will come to a halt when it gets to the point of the log, and ultimately, over time, the soil will be balanced.

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8. Keep soil covered

On land used for agricultural purposes, the soil should be kept covered all year round. Erosion thrives when the soil is bare and left to the harsh hands of water and wind.

Now, you know what to do to prevent erosion both on your farm and on other lands.

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