Importance of the Nigerian Anthem discusses the importance of the Nigerian Anthem. By this, we wish to remind you of its symbolic significance.

Nigeria Anthem

Importance of the Nigerian Anthem
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The first Nigerian national anthem, “Nigeria, We Hail Thee” was written by Lilian Jean Williams and composed by Frances Berda, months before independence but it was adopted right after.

The anthem was sung between 1960-1978 at official events, after which the Federal Government began to see its flaws and shortcomings, such as the emphasis on our different tongues and tribes and the fact that it was composed by Britons.

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Based on the above, the Federal government opted for something written by locals- with an indigenous flavor- which did not accentuate our differences like the anthem, “Nigeria, we hail thee”. The government called on the citizens to submit what could be composed into a new national anthem.

It was from the pool of submission that the works of B. A. Ogunnaike, Eme Etim Akpan, John A Ilechukwu, Sota Omoigui, and P.O Aderibigbe were selected and compressed into our anthem by Benedict Elide Odiase (head of music, Nigerian Police Force) on 10 May 1978.

Importance of the Nigerian Anthem

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The Importance of the Nigerian Anthem is discussed thus:

On the 1st of October, 1978 it was sung for the first time and has become a norm in all formal events. The Nigerian national anthem is symbolic and significant to us as a people.

This is the reason why primary and secondary schools make school children sing it so often that they may internalize it and have it at their fingertips.

Since the significance of the Nigerian national anthem, cannot be overemphasized, this article will briefly elucidate the importance of our anthem.

The national anthem is a constant reminder to Nigerians to embrace peace and unity because those two are the cords that bind a people and a nation together.

Unity, just like peace is things we cannot do without considering our multi-ethnicity status and differences in our religious beliefs.

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Why try to magnify our rich culture and heritage, the national anthem does not cease to remind us that we can uphold unity even in our diversity.

The national anthem is such as reminds us of our wealth and the need to be patriotic citizens and remain loyal to the country at all times.

Rendering our civic services when necessary and defending Nigeria’s interests before our individual, tribal or religious interests. The National anthem does not stop reminding us that Nigeria is ours and we are what we make of it.

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