Importance of Constitution in Nigeria

Importance of Constitution in Nigeria enlightens you on the Importance of the Constitution. This is to bring to…

Importance of Constitution in Nigeria enlightens you on the Importance of the Constitution. This is to bring to mind the value of the Nigerian constitution.

Five Importance of Constitution in Nigeria

Importance of the Constitution in Nigeria
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The constitution is that which contains the rules and regulations of a country and guides enforcement of social control for social order. It is simply a framework of our rules as a people.

A constitution may be written or unwritten. What is obtainable in Nigeria is the written constitution which was put together in 1999 by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but in the United Kingdom, they have what is known as the unwritten constitution.

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The importance of constitution and its laws are very important because the law is to human beings, what a Fulani herdsman’s stick is to his cows.

Importance of the Constitution in Nigeria

Below are the Importance of the Constitution in Nigeria:

1. The constitution is the grease for the democratic process

It is like a manual that is used to guide how all activities of any government in Nigeria to ensure that it is carried out in a participatory manner, which is the crux of democracy.

The constitution makes room for the opinion of the people, (the majority, if not all) to be reflected in the decisions of the Federal Government.

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2. The constitution shows the operational frontier or jurisdiction of all the arms of government.

It tells us what is expected of the legislature, for instance, while stating how it should be done and in what instance it needs to be done. Without the constitution, the organs of government will do whatever they like at the expense of the masses.

3. Abuse of power is checked with the constitution

It is a proven fact that humans are very likely to abuse power and go about using it to facilitate the fruition of their selfish desires. Many

Nigerians believe that if it had not been expressly stated in the constitution that the maximum number of years a political leader can be in office is eight years, Nigeria would have become.

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4. The constitution is very functional in the protection of human rights

The law protects the common man, it is like the mother hen under whose wings, and chicks can take refuge from societal ‘hawks’.

Some of these rights include the right to life, right to privacy, right to personal liberty, right to a fair hearing, right to dignity, right to freedom of expression, and the right to movement within Nigeria.

5. It contains laws that when followed can bring about development in the country

In a system well-ordered by the law, development is not only possible but is also stabilized. Growth is fertilized by order, as the crime rate drops drastically if sanctions and punishments are well served and people know who to call on if a certain aspect of the government is not working.

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Legal practitioners believe that although the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Government of Nigeria needs to be amended again even after the first, second, and third amendments because they did not deal with federalism, the most contradicting part of the constitution.

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