How to Write Drama Script

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How to Write Drama Script

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How to Write Drama Script
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You do not need to have studied theatre arts at the university to write dramas. Sometimes you might want to put together a short stage play to entertain, educate, or for both which is referred to as ‘edutainment’.

At one time or the other, you may have participated in a drama, whether as a character or as a part of the stage management team.

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Dramas are a common extracurricular activity in schools and they make exciting school projects aimed at teaching young people how to tap from synergy.

Dramas take stories from pages to stages. It is that which makes stories come alive and electrifies the room with the emotions that the writer of the story on stage tried to paint on paint on paper.

It is usually vivid, intense, and striking in such a way that it brings the audience to the edge of their seats with suspense intercepted with good humor. Dramas are also referred to as plays.

We will discuss how to write a play in this article but first of all, we will answer the question: “What are the basic elements of drama/play?”


A person who writes plays and dramas is referred to as a playwright.

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This has to do with the location and time. Where and when is this story that is getting acted happening or where did it happen? The setting will determine a lot of the costumes and even the language.

A play that was written in the Yoruba setting will see a lot of talking drums, dansikis, prostrating to greet and be heavy with proverbs. A play set in the early nineties cannot be talked by selfies.


This is simply how the events in the drama unfold. How the various scenes are arranged and strung to drive the message home. The entertainment derived from any play largely depends on the plot


This is the central idea of the play. This is usually the pod that houses the lessons to be learned in any drama.

Sometimes the theme of a drama is expressly stated in the dialogues, other times it is implied through the actions and gestures of the characters. It is possible for a drama to have more than one theme.

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These are the various actors in the drama. They take up different roles and have their individual set of beliefs and ideologies which distinguish them from the other characters.

The main character is referred to as the protagonist and the one who is up against the main character is called the antagonist.

The conversations between different characters are known as dialogues. Dramas are written in acts and scenes.

The description of how the stage should be set before the commencement of dialogue is first described in detail before the dialogues are written.

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These dialogues often describe in parenthesis some important gestures of a character that would help in making the play real and felt.

To write a good drama, you just need to get all the above-listed elements sorted out and break them into scenes.

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