How to Prepare Lesson Note

How to Prepare Lesson Note will be discussed in this article and reading it to the end will…

How to Prepare Lesson Note will be discussed in this article and reading it to the end will provide you with the needed know-how.

How to Prepare Lesson Note for Secondary School

How to Prepare Lesson Note
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A lesson note is a plan or step-by-step guide of what the teacher will do in class. Lesson note is otherwise called lesson plan. It is to be submitted to a supervisor or someone in a higher authority.

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Here is a format of How to Prepare Lesson Notes in Nigeria:

The Title

The title of the write-up will be “Note of Lesson for …” Add the date you are going to teach that lesson. If you will teach that aspect once a week, you can write a Note of Lesson for Week Two Ending 01/03/2019.

The day for the week ending should always be a Friday or the last working day of that week. The next item that follows is the subject; written as Subject: English Language.

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A subject like English can be divided into different aspects such as oral English, grammar, or comprehension. You should indicate the aspect on a separate line. After the subject would be the class, e.g. Class: JSS Two. The item that follows is the topic of the day’s lesson, e.g. Topic: Concord.

The duration of the lesson should be included. This means the length or period of time that the class would hold. If the lesson note is meant for a double period, you should indicate it. E.g. Duration: 50 minutes.

Some schools prefer the actual period of time the class is expected to hold to be stated, e.g. Time: 9:20-10:00 am. You need to state the gender of the class members, that is, whether they are boys or girls; male or female.

After that, the source of the content of the day’s lesson should be written down. This is written as Reference Material. Just write out the title of the textbook or resource material from where you got your note.

Next comes the previous knowledge. This is just about the lesson from a previous class. Just write what the pupils learned in the previous class.

Write the behavioral objectives. This is a statement of what is expected of the pupils at the end of the class. What follows next is the content. This is the body of knowledge you want to impart to the pupils.

The presentation shows a step-by-step breakdown of the teaching process. The last thing on a lesson note is the evaluation.

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Here you give a set of questions to the pupils to ascertain how much of the day’s lesson they have grabbed. You get to write out the assignment or homework or classwork you want to give to the lesson.

The summary is as follows:

  1. Note of lesson for week one ending November 11, 2019.
  2. Subject:
  3. Aspect:
  4. Topic:
  5. Class:
  6. Duration:
  7. Gender:
  8. Reference Material:
  9. Previous Lesson:
  10. Behavioral Objectives:
  11. Content:
  12. Presentation:
  13. Evaluation:

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Note, however, that this is not a rigid outline. Some schools follow specific standards that may have little variations from this. Good luck with preparing your lesson note.

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