How to Start a YouTube Channel in Nigeria

How to Start a YouTube Channel in Nigeria is the focus of this article. This will guide you…

How to Start a YouTube Channel in Nigeria is the focus of this article. This will guide you in opening your new YouTube channel.

How to Create a YouTube Channel in Nigeria

How to Start a YouTube Channel in Nigeria
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YouTube is a video-sharing app and platform. On YouTube, you upload a video of something and this video can be viewed online.

You cannot just begin to upload stuff onto YouTube. You need to have or create an account or a channel on YouTube. Read on to know how you can open a channel with them.

Owning a YouTube channel puts you in a better position to make extra income for yourself. When you upload good content that fetches you many followers, you get other private and corporate users who want to advertise on your channel.

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There are a lot of things one can do on YouTube. That vocational skill you have can be made into videos to teach others how to do certain things.

These range from how to cook certain dishes to how to launder certain kinds of dresses. The list is endless. Just join a niche and put out video information on that subject.

How to Start a YouTube Channel in Nigeria

Here are Guides on How to Start a YouTube Channel in Nigeria:

To open a YouTube channel, you need to open a YouTube account first. Next, log onto your account and open the settings.

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  1. Click on the “Create a new Channel” icon.
  2. Click on “Use a business or other name”.
  3. Input your brand name or whatever name you wish to use.
  4. Click “Create”.

Now your account is ready but basic. There are things you need to do to upgrade the outlook and content of your YouTube channel. That means you need to add extra details to make it standard.

There is the about section which is actually the first option that will be displayed after creating your channel. This is where you are required to fill in your profile and provide a description for your channel.

The content of this section describes to your subscribers and followers what it is that you do. Close the channel and reopen it. You will notice that you have a cover picture created from the name you used for your channel.

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You can change this to something more informative, like a photo card that contains additional information about your channel.

You might also want to create a trailer. A channel trailer is a short introduction for your channel which can tell visitors to your channel about what your channel is about.

Upload your video. Your video should be of good quality. Take your time to edit the video. The graphic quality should not be below. Make the first video short and catchy and rich. It should give your viewers reasons to subscribe and come back for more.

If your channel and your videos are not visible to YouTube users, then the whole essence of owning a YouTube channel has been defeated.

You need to engage in search engine optimization (SEO). In doing this, you use key terms that users might likely search use while searching for certain videos.

The keywords you use in your video titles determine if your channel comes up while users search for certain things. You also get to use these key terms when filling out your tags and description.

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Always include a call to action at the end of every videocast. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel for more videos.

Be consistent in your uploads and make sure to enrich your videos. Advertise links to your channel on other social media platforms. With consistency and good publicity, you can grow your YouTube channel to the limelight.

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