How to Start a Bakery Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Bakery Business in Nigeria provides basic information that would guide you to start a…

How to Start a Bakery Business in Nigeria provides basic information that would guide you to start a Bakery.

Business Plan for Bakery in Nigeria

How to Start a Bakery in Nigeria
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Have you ever stayed close to a bakery when the bread is freshly baked? If you haven’t, let me tell you what happens. As the scent oozes out of the bakery, it softly penetrates the nostrils of anyone around it and causes the stomach to rumble in hunger for the bread which ultimately leads to the purchase of the bread.

Sincerely, while you enjoy the bread, someone somewhere is receiving a credit alert for the bread purchase you made. Out of every 10 persons in Nigeria, at least 8 of them eat bread. If it is not for hunger, it is for the sweetness or just to keep the mouth busy.

Bread is one of the most commonly sold commodities in the Nigerian market. Over 95% of the Nigerian population eats bread. It is eaten by the boss in the multinational office as well as the driver at the motor park.

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But bread isn’t manufactured from heaven. Some group of people here on earth manufacture the bread that we eat. When profits made by bread manufacturers are calculated, you realize that these sets of people are silent millionaires.

In today’s article, W will be showing you how to start your own bread-baking factory and not just make money, but also reduce unemployment by 5-10 people depending on how big or small your factory will be.

Bread-making though profitable requires a lot of diligence and also has its own risks with its profitability. Some of the risks involved with bread baking include but are not limited to supply to lazy salesmen, raw materials’ price inflation, bread burnt while baking, bread stolen by employees, harassment by authorities, etc.

Although, all of these risks can be reduced to the minimum if you pay attention to all the details right from when the baking materials enter your factory to when it is sold to the consumers.

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How to Start a Bakery in Nigeria

Here are guides on How to Start a Bakery in Nigeria:

1. Get the bakers’ training

First of all, you need to get adequate training on the vocation. When baking bread you need to know the right mixture of all the ingredients, how to know when a dough is ready to be baked, how long it needs to stay in the oven, how to remove it, etc.

In case you want to start the business soon, I suggest you attach yourself temporarily to a bread factory. You could also work there while raising cash to start your business.

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2. Get funding

To start a standard bakery you’ll need close to a million naira depending on the volume of bread you want to supply from your bakery on a daily basis, but you can also start with as low as fifty to a hundred thousand nairas and grow from there.

But importantly, the things you need to start your bakery include an oven, raw materials for bread production, a flour mixer, a slicing machine (if you want to produce sliced bread) baking pans, branded wrappers for the bread, generator. Trucks for supply. Like I said earlier, you can start small and grow big as the supply keeps expanding.

3. Get NAFDAC approval

No Nigerian will eat your bread if it does not have NAFDAC’s approval. It pays to do the right thing. Get their approval since you are dealing with a product that people will eat into their bodies.

If your bread is not approved, it will soon be kicked out of the market. Producing good bread is not enough, marketing is the key to amassing great wealth from this lucrative business.

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Do everything within your power to market your product. Remember that before your bread came into existence, people have been eating bread and you’ll need people to change their minds from other bread in the market to your own as such at this stage, you have to be particular about delivering sweet and quality bread to your final consumers.

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