How to Work in Chevron Nigeria

How to Work in Chevron Nigeria will be discussed here. It is impossible to list the top three…

How to Work in Chevron Nigeria will be discussed here. It is impossible to list the top three oil companies in Nigeria and not mention Chevron Nigeria.

How to get a job at Chevron

How to Work in Chevron Nigeria
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This reputable company ranks as one of the largest investors and producers of oil in the country. Chevron works in Nigeria in partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation for offshore and onshore assets in the Niger Delta. The company also has a great interest in deepwater operations.

They operate one of Nigeria’s largest deepwater discoveries called the ‘Agbami Field’ and although the operation has not fully begun, they also have an interest in another field called the Usan Field.

Last year, (2018) Chevron produced an average of 194,000 barrels of crude oil in Nigeria on a daily basis, they also produced, about 223,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas as well as six thousand barrels of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

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Chevron Nigeria has so many honors to her name, so many achievements, and awards but that’s not our focus in this article, the main essence of writing this article is not just to talk about Chevron or her achievements, the articles are written to guide you on how to get your name on the payroll of Chevron Nigeria Limited.

How to Work in Chevron Nigeria

Below are Guides on How to Work in Chevron Nigeria:

The first step to the acquisition of a job in Chevron is the filling of a recruitment form provided by the company yearly.

The form is very easy to fill everyone who knows how to read and write should be able to find his way around the form. But filling out the form does not just give you the job, you’ll need to meet up certain requirements and some of them are:

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1. Have an updated CV

Your CV should present you as the most suitable candidate for the job and not just another applicant. Pay attention to every detail in your CV and make sure it is up to date. Fill every gap in your CV with accurate details.

Be sure that your contact details are up to date, and make sure that contact addresses such as Gmail addresses are not funny ones. For example, Chevron will not consider an application from someone whose Gmail address is

For crying out loud, you are going for something official, if your current email address has a funny name, consider creating a new Gmail address.

2. Fill out the form correctly

Most people make this mistake. They fill in the right information in the wrong spaces and expect a miracle to happen. Read through the form before filling it out.

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Always remember that you have only one chance to create the right impression. After filling in the required information, submit the form as early as possible and keep your fingers crossed.

Many Nigerians have been duped in the quest of finding a job at Chevron, in order not to be duped note that Chevron will not ask you to pay any stipulated amount for the employment. Disregard any mail or call insisting that you do such.

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