How to Prepare Nigerian Atama Soup

How to Prepare Nigerian Atama Soup will guide you on how to make Atama Soup. Read it attentively…

How to Prepare Nigerian Atama Soup will guide you on how to make Atama Soup. Read it attentively and learn how to prepare Atama Soup.

Preparation of Atama Soup

How to Prepare Nigeria Atama Soup
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Atama soup is a type of soup made with a vegetable called atama. The atama soup is a very delicious soup. It can be prepared with okra and egusi. But this post will focus on how to cook atama with abak.

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Abak is a liquid extract from oil palm fruit. Oil palm fruits are abundant in the south and eastern parts of Nigeria. Abak is the Akwa Ibom name for it while the Igbos call it banga. This post will teach you how to extract this special watery oil.

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What do you need to cook atama soup in Nigeria?

 To prepare abak or banga atama, you need the following ingredients:

  • Palm fruits
  • Atama leaves
  • Beef
  • Smoked fish
  • Crayfish
  • Ponmo (Cow skin)
  • Stockfish
  • Periwinkle in shell
  • Seasoning
  • Water
  • Salt and pepper

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Here are the steps on How to Prepare Nigeria Atama Soup:

a. Steam the palm fruits till they are soft. Remove them and pound till the shaft is separated from the nuts. Add warm water and wash out the oily water. Dispose of the shaft and the nuts.

b. While cooking the palm fruits, you should be slicing the atama leaves. Slice them into tiny stripes.

c. Blend your crayfish and your pepper separately.

d. Steam your meat and ponmo. Season it properly. When the meat is tender, add dry fish to make it produce flavor. It shouldn’t be watery.

e. Put the oily pulp extract on fire. When it boils, put your steamed meat.

f. Add seasonings.

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g. Add your slice atama leaves.

h. When it has boiled a little, stir and add your periwinkle. Do not stir it immediately after adding periwinkle. Let it simmer on high heat before you stir and bring down the pot.

Enjoy your atama soup with eba, semo, foofoo, wheat meal, or other swallow types.

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