How to Become an Editor in Nigeria

How to Become an Editor in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on…

How to Become an Editor in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on how to become an Editor in Nigeria.

How to Become an Editor 

How to Become an Editor in Nigeria
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The global information market is becoming very large. Organizations need editors to proofread content for their websites. Media houses need editors to vet their news content. The demand for editors is high and currently unmet.

So, who is an editor? An editor is a person who reviews vets, proofreads, or makes changes to a piece of information before it is published.

The edited text might be a blog post, a book manuscript, a web post, an article, a news item, etc. some folks go professional with editing and make a living out of it. As an editor, you can work in any industry and can edit write-ups in any field.

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This article will however focus on online editors, i.e., freelancers who edit and vet content for internet clients. Do note that most of the online clients are not from Nigeria.

Here are Guides on How to Become an Editor in Nigeria:

1. You must have a functional computer system, preferably a laptop computer because of its portability. You should also have access to a reliable internet connection.

2. Some editors have university degrees in subjects like the English language, communication arts, journalism, linguistics, literature, history, etc.

If you want to be editing technical write-ups, you should have a degree in the sciences, law, accounting, etc., depending on the particular field. But without having a university degree in any of the listed fields, you can still be an editor in Nigeria.

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However, it is necessary you have a good command of the English language or the language of the content you are editing. You should also be a voracious reader.

To boost professionalism, you might want to take courses on editing. Some online academies have such courses. You can register with any academy that suits you.

In Nigeria, the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, (FRCN) has a school where public and private editors are trained on the intricacies of the job.

These credentials can boost your online profile and increase your customer base. You may also get some YouTube videos to teach you the art of editing in the 21st century. These videos can help a lot.

3. The next thing you should do is create an online profile. Your profile can be on Fiverr, Upwork LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

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Use professionally shot photos on your profile. Be sure to boldly write out what you do. You can include your credentials, achievements, and years of experience.

4. Bid for jobs

By the time you have created a profile, you are good to go. Start applying for editing jobs and do make sure you deliver them on time.

Let satisfied clients write reviews for you and display such positive reviews on your timeline.

5. On the sideline, you should get close to one who edits for an online clientele. Get to know how pricing is done and how to enhance visibility.

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As you become more and more proficient, you might need to hire more good hands to work under you and service more clients.

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