Steps on How to Prepare Chin Chin are given in this article. Read it attentively and learn the best guide on How to Prepare Nigerian Chin Chin.

How to Prepare Chin Chin Step by Step

Steps on How to Prepare Chin Chin
Steps on How to Prepare Chin Chin – Photo Source:

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Chin chin is a very nice crunchy snack in Nigeria. Chin chin can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. While some love their chin chin hard and dry, others love their chin chin soft and crunchy. Chin chin can be served as an appetizer at a party. Both adults and children love and enjoy chin chin.

Preparing chin chin is not difficult at all. This post will show you simple steps in making chin chin in Nigeria. Based on your personal preference, you can make chin chin soft but crunchy or hard.

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So, what do you need to prepare chin chin? The ingredients needed for the preparation of chin chin in Nigeria are listed as follows:

  • Multi-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Margarine or baking fat
  • Salt
  • Liquid or evaporated milk (You can also use condensed milk or dissolve dry milk in water)
  • Vegetable oil (needed for frying)
  • Very little water depending on how hard you want your finished chin chin to be

If you want your chin chin soft and crunchy, you need to add the following ingredients:

  • Egg
  • Nutmeg (this is an optional ingredient)
  • More milk

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How to Prepare Nigerian Chin Chin

Here are guides on How to Prepare Nigerian Chin Chin:

  1. Break your egg into a small bowl. Beat it till you obtain a consistent texture.
  2. Pour your milk into another small bowl and add sugar. Mix well. In a bigger bowl, pour in your flour, baking powder, and ground nutmeg powder.
  3. Add the baking fat or margarine and mix them until well incorporated.
  4. Pour your milk and egg mixture into the bigger bowl. Mix everything together until you obtain a smooth but not sticky or stiff dough.
  5. Bring out your dough and place it on your rolling board or on another flat and clean surface.
  6. Use your hand to roll the dough first. After that, gently roll the dough with a rolling pin to give it a flat, smooth, and consistent texture.
  7. Cut the flat dough into desired shapes. Make sure the pieces are all of the same shape and if possible, the same size. Be sure to not cut them into too big sizes. This is because they will rise once placed inside the hot oil.
  8. Set a pan on fire and pour oil into the pan. The oil should be enough to swallow the dough pieces once placed inside.

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  1. Once the oil is hot, gently pour in your pieces of dough. Simmer on low heat. Depending on how plenty them are, you might need to fry them batch by batch.
  2. Let the chin chin fry over low heat. You need to stir the content of the pan until they turn from white to golden brown.

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