Points To Note When Filling An Application Form

Points to note when filling an application form are listed in this article and we hope you find it helpful and informative.

How to Fill An Application Form

Points To Note When Filling An Application Form
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When you talk about making an application, which is the next logical step after identifying a job opening. This is vital for one to find out how one should apply because most firms will not give a job to a person who has not made a formal application.

Most job openings can be through recruitment agencies, newspaper advertisements, trade papers, professional journals, or even relevant contact persons, speculative searches such as available companies or organizations, government employment agencies, vacancy boards like post offices, and so on.

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Looking at the method of every traditional application, the traditional approach is to send a letter of application stating the applicant’s qualifications, experience, and availability for the job.

This is surprising to know that letters of application are subject to a number of defeats that may be attributable to inadequate knowledge of job requirements.

The applicant may not be able to determine the personality factors that are relevant to the job. Also, the inclusion of factors or statements the employer may consider doubtful, and the letter may be defective in terms of neatness, handwriting, grammar, sell, or expression.

This is essential for application forms to be considered more reliable and relevant than the application form because the items to be included are determined by the employer.

This notwithstanding, the way this form is filled out is important. To be shortlisted for an interview, the form has to be properly and neatly completed.

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There are various points to note when filling out an application form:

1. Read the form through at least once to understand what is required, and then draft your answers on a spare sheet of paper.

2. Complete the form neatly in black ink or a blue Biro pen in case it is to be photocopied while it is being processed. The needed information may be typed as the occasion demands.

3. This is important to leave any section you do not understand blank instead of giving out wrong or doubtful answers.

4. Do not emphasize your weak points. If you do not have qualifications or experience rather leave the section blank instead of writing none.

5. This is factual to be very positive in your answers for instance instead of saying I am unemployed, you could rather say I am looking for a job. Alternatively, instead of saying I am tired of my present job or employer, the applicant can rather say I am seeking new opportunities that will develop my capacity.

6. Where there is a section on ‘any other information ’, the applicant should try to make wise use of such available options by highlighting any experience or quantities that are considered to be relevant to the job.

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The applicant can also mention any special aptitude or projects he or she is currently undertaking if relevant as the occasion demands.

7. Never make untrustworthy or untruthful, misleading statements or claims as these could be used against the applicant, especially at interview sessions.

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