Starting Own Daycare Business

Starting Own Daycare Business will supply you with the necessary information on how to start a Daycare Business. We…

Starting Own Daycare Business will supply you with the necessary information on how to start a Daycare Business. We hope you find it helpful.

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How to Start a Daycare Business in Nigeria
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The adoption of western culture has given way to the emergence of 21st-century business ideas in Nigeria. 20-50 years ago, women were never allowed to go out to work for some obvious reasons that were reasonable to the African traditionalists.

Though the tradition was good while it lasted, modern life has relegated such a mentality to the past. Apart from staying at home, the women were trained to stay at home and take care of children as a child with a faulty moral education or home training was always blamed on the mother.

Today, times have changed and mothers go to work to make ends meet to support the family and also to support their husbands.

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A nursing mother is not left out as most corporate organizations give as little as six weeks of maternity leave to nursing mothers. The question is now simple. Who takes care of the little babe? To answer this question, a third party comes into play.

Daycare service is often put in place for mothers who have to go to work but do not want to be distracted by the wants and attention a baby craves for.

Many people have been making huge money from this opportunity that modernization has brought and today, we’ll be showing you what to do to be a part of the many people who immensely benefit from the business.

How to Start a Daycare Business in Nigeria

Here are guides on How to Start a Daycare Business in Nigeria:

1. Get a location

You will need a space where mothers who need your services can drop off their children and apart from having a place, it must be easily accessible. Don’t secure a place that is far away from working areas.

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You don’t need stay-at-home mothers to bring their children, you want working-class people and the best place is that work environment.

Your location must be neat and free from potential dangers to the babies in your custody. Don’t forget that a dirty and unkempt place attracts sickness and you wouldn’t want your center to be a place where diseases are contracted.

2. Furnish your Center

We are in a world where children learn from the first day when they are born. And no! You can’t leave your place dirty and shabby and expect the babies to sleep comfortably.

Stick stuff on the wall. Let your lighting be perfect (consult an expert if you must), see to it that the floor is well rugged, and your room must not be too hot or too cold. You will be dealing with children, not with adults. Let your center be child-friendly at all times.

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3. Staffing

If you are considering hiring staff, make sure that they are the ones that will take good care of the children in your custody. Don’t hire someone who just wants to come and work for money. Make sure that she is passionate about the job she is employed to do.

Preferably, you’ll need to employ mothers who have taken care of children before and don’t overrule the idea of training them regularly.

4. Find out what the law says

You need to know what is obtainable to run a daycare center. This may just be the miracle you need to get it right the first time. In order to know how to go about knowing what the law says, you need to visit other standard daycare centers around you.

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5. Market your business

Of what use is a well-furnished daycare center when there are no children in it? Go out there and market your business.

Invite nursing mothers to take a look at what you are offering to them. Go to where your prospects may be and advertise yourself, remember the saying that a closed mouth is a closed destiny.

We wish you success!

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