Surveyors Council of Nigeria

Functions of Surveyors Council of Nigeria

Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON) and its functions are listed in this article as well as how to become a member of the Council.

Surveyors Registration Council of Nigeria

Surveyors Council of Nigeria
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The declaration on the 14th of December 1989 led to the establishment of the Surveyors Council of Nigeria.

The declaration is a result of the 44th Decree known as the Surveyors Registration Council of Nigeria Decree or otherwise called the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON).

After its systemization, the Decree which enables the council is then known as CAP 425 Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990.

The Surveyors Council of Nigeria happens to be a successor of the defunct Surveyors Licensing Board which initially Licenses and disciplines all surveyors within Nigeria.

Notwithstanding, the roles and responsibilities of the Surveyors Council of Nigeria differ greatly from the role of the defunct licensing board which existed before it.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of the council as explained in section 4 of the Enabling Act includes but are not limited to the ones listed in this article.

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Functions of Surveyors Council of Nigeria

The following are the Functions of Surveyors Council of Nigeria:

  1. Determination of who bears or acts as a surveyor for the act.
  2. The council stands as the best body to determine the level of knowledge and skill that is to be obtained by a person who wants to be a registered member of the profession of surveying.
  3. The council furthermore keeps records through the establishment and maintenance of a register of persons who are fully entitled to exercise, practice, or carry out the profession.
  4. They act as a regulatory agency that regulates and controls the practice of Surveying as a profession in all ramifications.
  5. At all costs, they do their best to ensure that discipline is maintained within the profession of Surveying within the country.
  6. They also carry out any other responsibility as may be delegated to them as a result of the Act.

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How to become a Member of the Council

The requirement listed below is strictly for those who are registering for enrolment into the entry cadre in the council.

  1. Pick up an admission form with the sum of 5,000 Naira, on submission, you need to produce evidence that you bought or paid for the form.
  2. Your O’Level result with credits in Mathematics, Physics, English, and any other two subjects. Where there is a deficiency with the O’level result, equivalents are accepted.
  3. A Written and properly sealed endorsement from your supervisor.
  4. Birth Certificate or Declaration.
  5. Four Passport Photographs.
  6. If you graduated for over 5 years, your results will be needed rather than the statement of the result but if you are below five years, the statement of the result may be considered.
  7. NYSC Discharge Certificate or Exemption letter.

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Those registering for a higher position in the council will be required to come with some other higher requirements but whether you are applying for a junior or senior Cadre, you must ensure that you fill in all the sections of the form and produce all the requirements so that your admission into the council can happen without any delay of any kind. The three kinds of cadres in the council are; pupil Surveyors, Technologists, and Technicians.

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