5 Functions of National Planning commission is aimed at informing you of the functions of the agency and also outlining its strides.

National Planning Commission

5 Functions of National Planning commission
National Planning commission – Photo Source: http://www.hepatitisnigeria.org

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This agency was first established by Decree No 12 of 1992 and later amended by Act 71 of 1993 to offer advice to the federal government on issues as it relates to national development and economic management.

Functions of the National Planning Commission

Among the numerous functions of the national planning commission aimed at delivering on its mandate.

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The Functions of the National Planning Commission include the following:

1. Provision of policy advice to the President in particular and Nigeria in general on all aspects of national life

This is a core responsibility of the commission. The government has to be well-guided in all areas of the economy and it is the task of the national planning commission to ensure that this is made possible.

2. Preparation and formulation of developmental plans

The National planning commission helps to formulate and prepare long medium, and short-term national development plans for the government.

It also helps to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of such at the Federal, State, and Local Government levels.

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3. The national planning commission also helps in the monitoring of  projects and progress as it relates to planning implementation

This is done to ensure that the goals and objectives will be reached when due.

4. It also makes research on areas of serious concern, especially in issues of national interest, and also makes sure that the result of such research will be channeled into enhancing the status quo of the economy

5. It also helps to address issues of regional economic cooperation such as those of the Economic Community of West African States, the African Common Market, the United Nations Economic Community for Africa, and the South-South Cooperation, etc.

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This is because the National planning commission interfaces with these organizations towards augmenting the standard of the economy in Nigeria.

The national planning commission contributes a meaningful quota towards ensuring that effective planning is done in government so as to enhance sustainable economic development.

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