10 Functions of Federal Character Commission in Nigeria

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Functions of FCC

Functions of Federal Character Commission in Nigeria
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In accordance with Act. No. 34 of 1996, the Federal Character Commission (FCC); a Federal Executive body known as the Federal Character Commission was established for the proper enforcement and implementation of the Federal Character Principle which sponsored Fairness and Equity in the sharing of posts that belonged to the general public and socio-economic infrastructures amidst the very many federating units of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The authority of the 1999 constitution in Sections 14 and 153 gave the power for the creation of the Federal Character Commission (FCC) in order for it to operate in a system of government that is democratic.

As a part of the responsibilities of the Commission, they bring up workable statistics and strategy which is of course in line with the consent of the Presidency, in order to enhance the distribution of all categories of posts both in the public and civil service of the local, state and Federal Government.

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They also oversee the distribution of people into the armed forces, the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), State Security Services (SSS) as well as other security agencies in the country corporate bodies owned by the Federal or State Government, or Extra-Ministerial Departments and sections of the Federation and states.

The commission is a mandate to achieve national consciousness which is sustainable and one to which all the citizens can subscribe effectively with enough conviction.

To achieve its vision, the Commission channels the investment of the public toward sustainable development.

Other 10 Functions of Federal Character Commission in Nigeria include: 

1. Ensuring that those occupying public offices in line with carrying out their duties will strictly follow the rules, guidelines, and regulations that are made in line with the Act.

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2. Give advice and proper counsel to the Federal State and Local Governments in order to influence service providers, socio-economic amenities, and goods in order to aid the extension of such services to the areas of the country that are deprived.

3. Working out a justifiable system that is subject to the President’s approval for the just distribution of all categories of posts both in the civil and public service of the country and that is the state, the armed forces, Nigerian Police Force (NPF), other agencies of security, corporate bodies that are owned and managed by the State or Federal Government and Extra-Ministerial departments and parastatals at both Federal and State levels.

4. The promotion, monitoring, and enforcement of compliance with the guidelines of proportional sharing of all economic, media, bureaucratic, and political posts at all levels of government.

5. Taking statutory measures which include sanctioning and prosecuting the heads of staff of any ministry of the government, Extra-Ministerial department agency, or department that fails to meet with the Federal Character Principle or for a prescription that is adopted by the commission.

6. To bring to existence workable statistics that will be suited to the presidency for his consent. The statistics or formula is to aid in the distribution of socio-economic services, infrastructural facilities, and social amenities.

7. To work out schemes and modalities that are subjected to the approval of the presidency for addressing and redressing the challenges of imbalances and minimizing the dread of relative deprivation and marginalization in the Nigerian system of federalism as it happens both in the private and public sectors.

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8. To step in in the operation of any parastatals or agency of the Federal Government which is subjected to the consent of the President wherein the idea or perception of the commission, the duties of the agency are important to the functions of the commission and the commission believes that it is not being carried out properly.

9. To make sure that all the Ministries and Extra-Ministerial departments, agencies as well as other bodies that the act affects have a clear and precise qualification that shows the conditions to be met and well-detailed directives on the procedures for determining eligibility and the steps for employment both in private and public sectors and the provision of socio-economic amenities and social services goods in Nigeria.

10. To do any other thing that the president may from time to time call upon the commission to do.

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