Aims and Objectives of Secondary Education in Nigeria

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What are the Objectives of Secondary Education in Nigeria

Aims and Objectives of Secondary Education in Nigeria
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Secondary education is the form of education children receives after Primary education and before tertiary education.

This education is given to children aged twelve to seventeen or eighteen years depending on the child’s range of age.

Aims and Objectives of Secondary Education in Nigeria

The broad Aims and Objectives of Secondary Education in Nigeria are highlighted and explained below:

1. To prepare children for useful living within the society

Secondary education seeks to prepare children not only for their academic pursuits but for the future.

At this stage of educational level, the child’s useful living is very important because these teaching guide positively for a better tomorrow.

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2. Preparing them for higher education

The majority of children discover their purpose as teenagers in their secondary education. This educational stage builds the mind of the child to fit and compete with challenges in society and still emerge victoriously.

This is basically done through the help of academic counselors who classified students into arts, sciences, technical areas, and management science for clarity in tertiary education.

In order to achieve these aims, in specific terms the secondary school should note the following objectives:

1. Provide many primary school pupils with opportunities for quality education irrespective of sex, social, religious, and ethnic background.

2. Diversify its curriculum to take care of the differences in talents, opportunities, and roles open to students after their secondary school careers.

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3. Equip students to live effectively in the modern age of science and technology.

4. Secondary education has to a large extent provided the modern age with facilities to suit the technological arena as compared to primary education which most science and technology facilities are only or mostly depicted in images or pictures.

5. Develop and project Nigerian culture, art, and languages as well as the world’s cultural heritage. This is done in secondary education to help students understand, appreciate and promote the cultural heritage of the community at large.

6. Raise a generation of people who can think for themselves, respect the views and feelings of others, respect the dignity of labor and appreciate those values specified under the broad national aims, and live as good citizens.

7. Foster Nigerian unity with an emphasis on the common ties that unite us in our diversity. At this level of education, children are exposed to the cultural and ethical background of Nigeria to help them understand and appreciate their cultural heritage and unity in diversity.

8. Inspire its students with a desire for achievement and self-improvement both at school and in later life. This level of education helps students develop themselves and discover their potential in life.

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In conclusion, Secondary education affects the students or a child emotionally, psychologically, socially, and economically in any society.

The understanding that students develop a sense of belonging and encourage active participation in society a large has made the government invest so much into secondary education in Nigeria by making education free and compulsory in order to eradicate and reduce the illiteracy rate of children in Nigeria.

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