12 Functions of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure

12 Functions of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) are listed in this article. We hope you find this informative.

Functions of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure

Functions of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure
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The Federal Government out of the recommendations of the white paper committee on the 1991 statement of a total of 150 members of the National Committee on Engineering Infrastructure which is made up of Administrators, Federal and State Civil Servants, Bankers, Scientists, Engineers, Industrialists, Economists, and Lawyers formed the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) in 1992.

The Chief Executive Director and Executive Vice-chairman of the Agency are in the person of Dr. Mohammed Sani Haruna.

The Agency has its corporate head office in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It was under the Presidency of Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that the reconstitution of the governing board of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure was approved with he (Goodluck Jonathan) being the chairman of the Board.

The development was announced on the 26th of April 2013 by the then Secretary to the Government of the Federation in a press statement.

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The mandate of the Agency is explicitly in the section of Capital goods, production, research, and reverse engineering.

By virtue of the mandate given to it as well as the scope of operation, the agency is the only agency built purposely to carry out developmental work in areas of manufacturing and as a result, it has the capability of coordinating the production of technologies that are developed outside or within its centers as well as a patent that has been obtained.

The technologies that have been developed as spare parts, components, and system engineering are meant to be transferred to entrepreneurs to aid the manufacturing of goods and services.

For Nigeria as a country to have the direct benefit of very fast technological advancement, it has to devote most of its resources to the strengthening of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI).

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Functions of NASENI

The Agency is meant to channel its programs and organization towards the concrete implementation of the National Science and Technology policy in order to:

1. Be sure that the research and development system of the nation is properly managed outside the system of the civil service.

2. Boost the entrenchment and development of new development and research tradition in Nigeria so that:

  • the practice of an open, equitable, accountable, consistent, and corporate research management system can be established in Nigeria;
  • high discipline and morale can be provoked in the staff at different levels;
  • cost-effective and efficient employment of available resources can be ensured;
  • the agency can achieve very optimal research and development yield and revenue; and
  • the agency can bring about the expected impact both on the economy of the nation and social development.

It is also the responsibility of the agency to;

3. Contract technical feasibility studies and also generate strategies for the formation of science and engineering infrastructural development complexes.

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4. Maintain, supervise, and establish sciences and engineering infrastructure development complexes and structures.

5. Bring about the implementation in accordance with the active participation of appropriate Federal and State ministries, systems for the generation of private-sector science and engineering investment goods for industries that constitute satellites of science and engineering infrastructure development complexes.

6. Create, develop, and formulate capabilities and facilities by which other institutions that are smaller than it, universities and polytechnics for some of the following activities amongst others, that is:

  • research that is focused on investment goods and development work in engineering materials, scientific equipment, environmental protection, engineering tools, engineering accessories, power equipment, and chemical materials;
  • development work and applied and basic research in new and upcoming areas of science and technology including computer technology, space science and its applications in remote sensing and environmental monitoring, biotechnology, nuclear technology, microelectronics, and new materials.

7. Consider the applications for research and development grants provided by institutions, corporate organizations as well as individuals for science and engineering based on the requirements that will be determined by the agency.

8. Foster the encouragement of the growth of in-plant research and activities of development in science and engineering.

9. Publish the valuable results of its research on science and engineering materials and capital equipment, and join hands with relevant industries to achieve the success of their adoption.

10. Make the focus on international scientific affiliations to which Nigerian Scientific bodies and Nigeria subscribe and pay their yearly and other charities which are a result of such international bodies.

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11. Give necessary support to national scientific bodies and formulate a general scientific press facility for the local production of scientific and technical journals and books.

12. Do any other activities that are necessary or important for the performance of its functions under this Act.

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