6 Best Cars for Nigerian Roads

Best Cars for Nigerian Roads are listed and explicated in this article. The idea behind this is the bad road network in the country.

Best cars for bad roads

6 Best Cars for Nigerian Roads
Best Cars for Nigerian Roads – Photo Source: https://www.naijaloaded.com.ng

Cars have become widely popular in the 21st century and there have been several brands made since they came about but not all cars are made for all kinds of roads.

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Some cars are made specifically for some kinds of roads and when you look critically at the state of Nigerian roads you will agree that not all cars that are made good to ply the roads because of the poor state of some Nigerian roads. Hence, in this article, we will look at some of the cars that are good for Nigerian roads.

1. Toyota Corolla

If you are craze about fuel efficiency in Nigeria, one of the best cars that meet this requirement is the Toyota Corolla. Most Nigerians have already understood this fact as Toyota Corolla happens to be one of the most frequent cars to be seen on Nigerian roads as it saves a lot of fuel.

The car is equally very strong and it possesses some other unique features but amongst them, all is its ability to save fuel despite the disruption on the roads due to traffic jams.

2. Land Range Rover Sport

Due to the potholes on the Nigerian Roads, this car has big wheels, engines, and high ground clearance which has the capacity to ply through any road even when it is filled with potholes without the car being damaged like some other cars.

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The car is built to be big enough to give comfort to its passengers. As long as you are traveling by this car, the shock absorber makes the effects of the potholes to be minimal, making your trip an enjoyable experience.

3. Mercedes Benz G-Class

Although this car is quite expensive when its features are compared with the price, it is worth it. The car is very comfortable for both the drivers and passengers.

The way the car is built is fashioned to fit perfectly with the nature of the Nigerian roads. Just like the Toyota Corolla, the car is built to save fuel yet increase efficiency.

4. Toyota Avalon

This is one of the cars that are the best fit for the roads in Nigeria due to the fact that it is carefully built with some unique features that aid the protection of the drivers and the passengers in the event of accidents or discomforts that comes along with bad roads.

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The car is equally widely appreciated because of the v-6 engines which have the ability to run through no matter the time of the day without experiencing any challenge on any type of road.

5. Volkswagen Golf

When you talk of cars in Nigeria, Volkswagen Golf has been around for quite a long time but despite the size of this car or how long it has been manufactured, the car has proven beyond all reasonable doubt to be one of the best cars that should be used to ply Nigerian roads.

The car is quite affordable, it still works perfectly even when it is driven off the major roads and so many other features which prove beyond all reasonable doubt that this car was built with the kind of Nigerian road in mind.

6. 2020 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum

Because of its reliability and its large-sized body, this car has become widely popular across the country. The Nissan Pathfinder is a sport utility vehicle that has four doors and it is big enough to seat up to seven persons at a time. Because it is an SUV, it is very good for Nigerian roads as SUVs are good for bumpy roads.

It is important to note that because a car is well built or the latest makes it the best for you to buy. You should look at the cost of maintaining the car.

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This is why this article was written and you should do your best to carefully ask a competent mechanic before you make a purchase.

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