Challenges of School Administration in Nigeria And Solutions

Challenges of School Administration in Nigeria And Solutions are listed and explicated in this article. We hope you find it helpful.

Educational Problems and Solutions

Challenges of School Administration in Nigeria And Solutions
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Administration is the process of purposeful planning toward the implementation of policies for an organization. Administration can be viewed in a more general and complex form but this article will focus on educational administration.

Educational administration is concerned with key variables such as the creation, maintenance, simulation, and control, of educational goals toward the attainment of managerial principles.

Challenges of School Administration in Nigeria And Solutions

There are many challenges that every school administration faces especially when the school in view is a public school, these challenges are frequent.

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1. Wide population

This is when there is a sudden and uncontrollable increase in the number of students. This is one of the major problems encountered by many schools when there is wide recruitment of students in both primary and secondary schools.

Mostly there is a wide range between the recruitment of teachers and the recruitment of students which becomes a problem for the school administration.

For instance, in many Northern States where there is compulsory education in primary and secondary education, the number of students is highly incremental whereas teachers recruited are scared to manage this number of students.

The government should recruit more teachers for empowerment programs such as teaching for Nigeria, N- power, etc. to schools with more populated students.

2. Poor Maintenance and Inadequate facilities

When the government sets policies on school management for the maintenance of the school, most of these policies are not implemented.

Research shows that the UBE legislation has laws governing the state, local, and federal government in funding the public primary level of education.

There are inadequate facilities in these schools and even when funds are directed, these funds are not implemented adequately for the establishment of the school or fully funded for the purpose it was directed for.

This becomes a problem for the school administration. There should be proper monitoring by governmental bodies and schools to checkmate this problem.

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3. Problem of Institutional Capacity Gap

In recent times, there is excessive growth in the enrollment population of primary and secondary schools. This excessive growth does not amount to the productivity and effectiveness of the school management.

In a case where a class is over 100 students, there is no possibility to establish a student-teacher relationship among the students and this does not lead to proper and effective school management especially when there is the absence of the student’s statements on the date of closure results is an example of institutional capacity gaps.

When there is an inadequate supply of classrooms for students to learn in respect to the production, science laboratories, sporting facilities, qualified teachers for every subject, etc.

More classrooms should be built by the community and other bodies apart from the government. Private agencies can also establish schools in these communities making education affordable and reliable.

4. Lack of Accurate and Timely information:

Many school systems lack accurate and timely information about crucial matters in the school. Thus, for the effective administration of schools, the following information should be available.

Information on student enrolment, teaching staff, supportive staff, accommodation, equipment, etc. The school management avoids fraudulently these information and ethnic differences.

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5. Problem of Discipline in Schools

The school administration is faced with the problem of indiscipline among students and even among staff. There are situations where fights and violence occur in schools due to indiscipline.

This must be controlled for the predetermined objectives of the school to the attainable. Examples of staff indiscipline are lateness to classes, absence from work without permission, or refusing to sign the time book examples of student indiscipline are stealing, wearing of wrong or improper uniform, breaking bounds, fighting, etc.

Solutions to the Challenges of School Administration in Nigeria

To eradicate the problem of school administration in Nigeria adequate supervision and evaluation should be put in place.

Schools at the primary and secondary levels should to frequently inspected and watchdogs should be set as supervisors.

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The concern of the Ministry of Education should be to occasionally visit schools in urban areas not just in rural areas to check the effectiveness of these schools and organize training programs for teachers.

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