JAMB 2023 Exams Experience and Advice

JAMB 2023 Exams Experience and Advice are written in this article. I wrote mine yesterday and I feel I should share my experience with you.

JAMB 2021 Exams Experience and Advice

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JAMB 2021 Exams Experience and Advice
JAMB 2021 Exams Experience – Photo Source: https://dailypost.ng

Below are my tips for you:

What to Expect

My CBT Experience

My Exam Experience

How to Study Right

My Advice/Recommendation

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What To Expect

On arrival, you are likely to wait for the first batch to finish writing theirs. If you’re on the first batch for the day, you will still wait for like 30mins – one 1hr from the exam time for the invigilators to put everything in place and be all set for the exams.

Mind you, you have no reason to go late. You have to arrive on time in order to be relaxed, meet a few fellow candidates, especially those writing the same set of subjects as yours, share thoughts, discuss what you studied and get your brain ready.

When the invigilators are ready, the candidates will be asked to queue up for thumbprint and verification. Candidates will thumbprint and get verified and then go into the exam hall or room one after the other.

My CBT Experience

At my center, things worked really well, only a few computers malfunctioned and the computer engineers present fixed up everything. We waited about 40mins inside for the few computers that malfunctioned to be fixed before the exams commenced.

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When I took my first JAMB in 2012, I used paper and pencil. Change remains constant, CBT is now compulsory and we all have to upgrade. Okay, a few candidates shouted that their computers were not functioning well in the middle of the exams. Pray to God or what you believe in so that you don’t get unlucky, be very optimistic and everything will be perfect for you. Amen.

A booklet that will guide you on the use of a mouse and the 9 keyboard keys to use for the exams will be given to you. Study it while the engineers are fixing malfunctioning computers.

My Exam Experience/How to Study Right

Since I am an Art student, I wrote English, Literature, Government, and CRK. Well, English and Government were quite okay. Since I followed the JAMB Syllabus in my study, I expected that all the questions would come from there.

But, in Literature, there were questions on books that were not enlisted on the syllabus, like CRK. But what can we do? What you have to do is use the syllabus for your study and then, read past questions too. I hope we’ll all pass.

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My Advice

Follow all the instructions when you get into the exam hall. When they say do not touch the computer, adhere accordingly. 

I wish you success!

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