How to Prevent Cuts and Scratches

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How to prevent scarring from cuts

How to Prevent Cuts and Scratches
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Cuts are minor open wounds on the outer layer of the skin. This can lead to loss of blood and if not properly handled this can lead to deformities.

When scratches occur the skin is rubbed with rough material causing a sensation of irritation. Scratches are also called grazes.

A scratch or a graze is a scraping injury that oozes a clear, sticky fluid. It bleeds less than a cut but needs to be cleaned carefully to remove small pieces of dirt and grit.

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Cuts and scratches can be caused by sharp objects like knives, choppers, scissors, cutting blades on machines, meat and fish bones, pieces of glass, or even strong sharp objects.

This article will focus on the prevention of Cuts and Scratches. Once a cut is noticed, the first thing is to stop it from bleeding either by cleaning the affected wound or rinsing it with clean water. This is proper to dress the affected area especially when it is a minor one.

Cuts and Scratches can be prevented through three measures such as knives, choppers, Meat, and fishbone cuts.


To prevent cuts and scratches when using knives the following rules should be observed:

1. Use the correct knife for the appropriate job.

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2. When presenting a knife to someone, hold the blade on the blunt side while giving the person the handle.

3. Knives must always be sharp and clean because a lot of pressure that can cause a cut is applied when using blunt knives.

4. Handles of knives should be free from grease.

5. The tapered end must always face downward when holding a knife.

6. Knives should be placed flat on the board or table so that the blade is not exposed upwards.

7. Always make sure the knife is wiped clean.

8. Never put knives in a washing sink.


Also, to prevent cuts and scratches when using Choppers the following should be maintained;

1. Choppers must be sharp and kept clean.

2. Make sure that no other knives, saws, hooks, or any other metal object can be struck by the chopper to prevent them from flying in the air.

Prevention of Cuts and Scratches can be observed through precautions when using Cutting blades especially when it involves kitchen machines.

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1. Be careful when using any sharp object or machine.

2. Always make sure that the guard is in place.

3. Do not tamper with the guard.

4. Do not insert hands or fingers past the guards in the machine.

5. Stop the blade of the machine from revolving when cleaning the guard.

6. Guards should not be left unattended when removed for washing.

Meat and fishbone cuts

what to do to avoid Meat and fishbone cuts which could lead to cuts and scratches. When it comes to Meat and fishbone cuts.

Small splinters of meat or fishbone that are jagged can cause cuts that may become septic if not properly handled.

To prevent meat and fishbone cuts Allow frozen meat and fish to thaw before deboning because the food will be very cold for the hand to handle and knives are likely to slip if attempts are made to debone while the meat or fish is still frozen.

Conclusively, cuts and scratches are capable of causing damage to the skin and in many cases, it creates a scar on the body or even result in fever and increased pain in the affected area.

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Once it is noticed that there is bleeding, it is advisable to apply antibiotics as it may take about 2 to 5 days to heal depending on the type of skin and the nature of the Cuts and scratches.

This simple application prevents infection. Specially use Polysporin which is classified as an antibiotics ointment and is very effective in the treatment of cuts and scratches.

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