How to Prepare Nigerian Okpa

How to prepare Nigerian Okpa will be explained in this article. Read and learn how to make a…

How to prepare Nigerian Okpa will be explained in this article. Read and learn how to make a sumptuous Okpa. Happy learning!

How to make okpa

How to prepare Nigerian Okpa
How to prepare Nigerian Okpa – Photo Source:

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Okpa is a local snack native to the Igbo tribe of the South Eastern region of Nigeria. It is very common in Enugu. There are other names for okpa which include igba and ntucha. Okpa has this yellowish look that is always very inviting. Learn how to make okpa for yourself.

Recipe for Okpa

  • Okpa flour
  • Palm oil
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes or powder
  • Water

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You also need banana leaves with which to wrap the okpa. Equally needed are strings or tiny twines for tying the okpa wraps.

The basic ingredient, okpa, is obtained from Bambara nuts. The Bambara nut is a hard nut. It is best to ground with an industrial machine. If however, you wish to grind it at home, soak it in water first before you grind it. Other than that, buy readymade flour.

You need plenty of palm oil according to how much flour you want to use. The oil must be enough to completely change the color of your flour from white to yellow.

How to prepare Nigerian Okpa

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Here are the Procedures on How to prepare Nigerian Okpa:

  1. First of all, cut the banana leaves you will use and pass the leaves before a low flame of fire wilt them. Fresh banana leaves are not soft enough to use to tie something smoothly.
  2. Blend the pepper albeit not smoothly.
  3. Heat some water to a warm temperature.
  4. Sift the okpa flour into a big bowl.
  5. Break your seasoning cubes or powder into the sifted flour. Also, add salt. Note however that okpa does not need to be over-spiced or over-seasoned. Too much of it can dim the flavor and original taste of the okpa.
  6. Add palm oil to the flour and mix well. The flour should absorb the oil very well and adapt to the bright yellow color of the oil.
  7. Gradually add the warm water in small scoops to the flour in the bowl. Be sure to mix well or thoroughly to prevent lumps from forming. If you cannot use your hand and the spatula to obtain a smooth paste, I recommend you use a blender to gently mix them. You can equally use a strainer to sift out the lumps and crush them.
  8. Add your pepper and check for salt and the other seasoning.
  9. Meanwhile, set a pot of water on fire. You will need to put some of the banana leaves at the bottom of
  10. the pot. This acts as a base for the cooking, preventing the content of the pot from burning.
  11. Scoop the paste into the wrappers. You have to tie one end of the wrapping leaf first, stir and scoop the okpa paste onto the leaf and tie the second end of the leaf. Gently place the tied wrap in the pot of boiling water on fire. Make sure the okpa is completely buried in the water.
  12. Use the same process to wrap off all the okpa paste and drop each wrap into the boiling pot.
  13. When you have completed this, use another set of banana leaves to cover the content of the pot.
  14. Let the okpa cook for 1 hour. If it is done, it will be hard and solid.

Bring them out and serve cold.

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