Cost of Starting a Laundry Business in Nigeria

Cost of Starting a Laundry Business in Nigeria will guide you on the business. Read it attentively and…

Cost of Starting a Laundry Business in Nigeria will guide you on the business. Read it attentively and learn how to start a Laundry Business.

How much Does it Cost to Start a Laundry Business 

How to Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria
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Laundry is primarily the art of washing clothes and making them clean for yourself or other people. It requires a great deal of commitment and diligence to wash clothes because sometimes, you encounter stubborn stains in which most people do not have the patience to tackle.

Even sometimes, the best detergents or laundry soap may lack the potential to wipe off such stains. This is why young entrepreneurs have delved into the laundry business, a kind of business in which they collect people’s clothes to their offices to wash for them in exchange for a fixed payment.

Laundry business is a very lucrative one provided you are able to give it the diligence it requires. Imagine you wash and iron 10 clothes a day at a cost of 300 naira each. That leaves you with 3000 naira a day.

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The cost implied is just a laundry soap of 100 or 150, 2 liters of fuel for the generator (if there is no electricity supply), and perfume. The remaining money is your profit.

If you calculate those figures well and are able to market your business, you could be smiling home every month with a bank statement of over 100 thousand Naira monthly and it is better than waiting for a white-collar job.

How to Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria

Here are Guides on How to Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria:

1. Learn how to wash well

It is one thing to wash your own clothes and another thing to wash the clothes of others. Before you do business, learn how to wash the right way.

Watch videos or go for live training with someone who is already in the business. When you go there, you’ll learn the pros and cons of the business.

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2. Conduct a Feasibility study on the Laundry business around where you want to open your office

Do people really want that service where you intend to start it or are you doing it just because you think the business is viable?

If there are other laundry businesses where you are, what are they not doing right and what can you improve upon to make you stand out?

All these questions and many more will help you start your new business on the right pedestal and not get caught up with the normal way syndrome.

3. Get a shop and brand it

Let people walk into where you do your business and know that you are serious about washing clothes. Arrange everything and let them be in order.

Don’t allow customers to get a bad impression of you. If your office space is not clean, how then will people’s clothes be clean? If you employ staff, let them understand that at all times no matter the circumstance, the office space must be kept clean.

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4. Market your business

Don’t assume that everyone who passes by your office knows what you are doing there. Some people may just imagine.

Learn guerrilla marketing skills and apply them to your laundry business because if you do, you’ll not just have clients but you’ll be legally stealing the customers of other people.

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