Best Schools to Study Music in Nigeria

Best Schools to Study Music in Nigeria are listed and discussed one after the other in this article. You will find it informative.

Best music production school in Nigeria

Best Schools to Study Music in Nigeria
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Music is increasingly becoming a very vital factor that influences the emotions of others. In Nigeria however, the art of playing Musical instruments have become so relevant that most parent would want their children to be a great player of the musical instrument because the need for instrumentalists is on the increase every day and because it is believed that when a person plays a musical instrument, the person becomes very smart in a way.

There are so many schools opened to teach music within the country and some of these schools are doing very well in what they do although, most music schools are just opened without even a basic understanding of what they are supposed to be doing as a music school.

In this article, we will look at some music schools in Nigeria that have done remarkably well in raising great instrumentalists and musicians to feel the ever-increasing need for good musicians.

1. JavaeSuond Music Institute

Located in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Javaesound is a very good place when it comes to music. It is structured with a unique vision of producing not just those who can play instruments but those who can play these instruments well the way they were meant to be played.

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Javaesound places practical and theoretical means of learning in high esteem such that her students do not just know how to play, they really understand what they are playing.

2. The Apostolic Music School

Owned by The Apostolic Church, the music school teaches its students the traditional styles of church and cathedral music.

However, one of the limitations of the school is that the number of instruments that they teach is a bit limited but in their course of teaching, they allow room for flexibility in case the students wants to try out something that they love.

The fame of the school grew as a result of their vocal training and upon graduation, when you apply what is being taught, you can actually be on your way to stardom.

3. Tenstrings Music School

If a music school is to be called the best, it should be Tenstrings Music School. They do not just teach music, they are music themselves.

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The school is located in the city of Lagos, and they have trained over 2000 students within a space of five years. Most of the students who graduate from this school are often called professionals. The school is divided into 4 departments; Musical instruments, Vocal training, Dance lesson, and Audio Engineering.

4. West African Musical Academy

This is probably one of the intentional music academies. The music school is a very big university with music knowledge as the core.

When it comes to music production and Music education, WAMA ranks first. The university has a list of courses that they offer and some of these courses can be found on their official website.

If a child is projected to have a career and future in music, WAMA has a secondary school where the child can be enrolled.

5. Piano Music School

The school was founded by Steve Chord who was a Maestro of the piano. The music school is an international school unlike others that have been listed above, one beautiful thing is that this school is not seated in one location, the Maestro moves from place to place, teaching people how to play the instrument the right way and as a Maestro

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These are some of the most beautiful music Schools in Nigeria, they may not be the overall best but according to our rating, they happen to be the best. Take advantage of them and boost your music skills to the next level.

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