7 Ways to Boost Your Creative Thinking

7 Ways to Boost Your Creative Thinking are listed and explained herein. Rigid and patterned thinking is fast…

7 Ways to Boost Your Creative Thinking are listed and explained herein. Rigid and patterned thinking is fast becoming moribund and antiquated.

Ways to improve your creative thinking

How to Think Creatively
How to Think Creatively – Photo Source: http://youthaction.in

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Truth is, whether you are a graduate, a college dropout, or someone who has never smelled the four walls of the school, everyone on earth can think creatively.

Creativity lives in everyone but only a few out of so many of us ever tap into that creative part of the brain. Every child, regardless of his age, sex, color, creed or nationality is creative.

The problem lies in how we all grow. Growing up, some people either kill their creativity or empower another person to kill it for them.

Everything we behold with our eyes today is borne out of creativity. Without creativity, there would be no phones, tablets, skyscrapers, internet, delicious meals, just name it.

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Creativity speaks up about innovation and makes a person relevant in today’s world. It was Collins Oscar, author of Idiots with BSc who once said “It is the man with the solution that gets the money“

Everyone wants to become a person of influence but it takes creativity to do so. In this article, we will briefly look at ‘how to think creatively’. Tighten your seatbelt and let’s learn together.

Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking

The following is the Guide on How to Think Creatively:

1. Allow yourself

Subconsciously, we all place limits on our thoughts, we just can’t go beyond a particular point. We feel that going beyond that point is deadly and may cause our brains to explode.

To think creatively, you need to break that limit you place in your mind. Allow your thoughts to roam back and forth.

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2. Consider everything

Creativity is sometimes a foolish thought. Look at all the fashion we have today, look at the car branding, look at the different recipes, look at everything that has an advanced version and you will discover that creativity was first foolish. Allow yourself to be fooled by your thought.

3. Widen the horizon of your imagination

Imagination is very important if you must be creative. Imagine a flying car today and somehow your thought will find a way to bring the flying car that resided in your imagination into reality.

4. Ask Questions

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” says the Bible. When you get stuck somewhere in a line of thought, ask questions.

You are not perfect and you may never be, you just need to ask questions. You may be surprised to realize that some words used in answering your questions are agents of creativity.

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5. Check your consumption

Realistically, we are all that we consume. In thinking creatively, you will need a creative source of information handy, you cannot afford to move about with those who don’t aim towards being creative and you can’t afford to always feed your eyes and ears with rigid thoughts or words.

Check your consumption critically if you must think creatively because, in the end, it is what has been accumulated that will enhance creative thinking patterns.

6. Write more

You need to write out your thoughts so you can see them and adequately evaluate them. Your brain cannot be thinking and storing at the same time if creativity is what you aim at.

Do your brain the favor of having to think, write them down, and critically analyze them both constructively and destructively, you’ll surely get to the midpoint of creativity.

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7. Network

Many others like you think creatively, connect with them both online and offline, and the impact on you will be outstandingly amazing.

Nothing you see in this world tomorrow will be entirely new, it will just be an advanced version of what you have seen today. That advancement is made possible only by creative thinking patterns.

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