Best 10 Feeding Formula and Milk for Newborn in Nigeria

Best 10 Feeding Formula and Milk for newborns in Nigeria are listed and explained in this article for your perusal.

Best 10 Feeding Formula and Milk for Newborn in Nigeria
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Every feeding formula is a supplement for breast milk and helps in the development of the child’s mental ability or brain development. This article will list the Best 10 feeding formulas and milk for newborns in Nigeria in no order of priority or preference.

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1. Nestle NAN 1 Infant feeding formula

This Infant feeding formula is milk for newborns and is popularly called NAN 1. There are the most popular baby formulas in Nigeria.

It a used as a basic in breastfeeding as it acts as an infant formula. This feeding formula is highly recommended because it is not difficult to digest and even when consumed it causes or involves little or no discomfort to the baby.

Mothers who used this feeding formula have and can attest to the fact that it acts as a support to the Breast milk and supports the infant’s immune system as a newborn.

2. NAN Optipro milk for newborn

The NAN Optipro is another Infant feeding formula manufactured to act as supplementary milk for newborns between the ages 0 to six birth to 6 months.

This feeding formula can be used to breastfeed the baby where there is no immediate and available breast milk. Also, it can be very useful to the CS mother such that while she recovers from the operation, she can still breastfeed the baby or in cases where the mother’s breast does not produce breast milk urgently or for two weeks or less, the baby can feed on this feeding formula.

3. Gerber Good Start GentlePro Powder Infant Formula

Gerber Good Start is also good nutritional milk for newborns and can be helpful for children within zero to twelve months. The Gerber Company has existed for many years and is trusted by many Nigerian mothers.

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Gerber Good Start infant milk has proteins and contains all the nutrients needed to enhance the baby’s brain and eye development. Aspect the body formulation, it has a composition of prebiotics & probiotics, which are present in natural breast milk.

4. Aptamil First Infant Milk

This infant milk is also suitable for babies between the age of zero to twelve months with adequate nutritionally baby formula in its right proportional measure. Aptamil is trusted by mothers because it can be combined with natural breast milk without any negative effects.

5. S-26 GOLD

S-26 GOLD is a premium infant formula that has been considerably made to generate complete nutrition for babies right from birth till they are six months old only.

6. Gold Newborn Infant starter formula

This feeding formula is also called S-26 Gold Stage 1 infant starter. The unique quality of Gold Newborn Infant Starter Formula is that it has well vitamins and minerals nutrients that help to make the baby strong and healthy.

7. SMA Advanced First Infant Milk

The digestion process of this feeding formula is not complicated at all and can be used in addition to natural breast milk.

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The SMA Advanced First Infant Milk is refined and improved with Omega 3 & other nutrients needed for desirable nervous system development in a newborn.

8. Cow & Gate first infant milk

This is a feeding formula made and intended especially for newborns. It is also another milk that can act as a replacement for natural breast milk.

It has adequate nutrients and is carefully categorized for the development of the child depending on its usefulness. This classification of Cow & Gate First Infant Milk includes the Big Pack, the Sachet, the Ready to use a bottle, and Easy Pack.

9. Enfamil for newborn

Baby formula is highly recommended by pediatricians (a doctor who treats babies and children) in Nigeria. It has an exceptional feeding formula for babies irrespective of their ages. It is essentially used for the baby’s brain enhancement, and it contains other nutritional values needed to strengthen the immune system of the child.

10. Similac formulas

Similac formulas contain several varieties such as Similac Pro Advance, Similac Pro Total Comfort, and Similac Pro-Sensitive. In cases where the baby has an indigestion problem, Similac Pro-Sensitive baby formula is highly recommended.

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These 10 milk for newborns has an effective and functional amount of protein which is of great nutritional value and is produced in its accurate proprioception to enhance the growth of the child.

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