6 Ways to Increase Your Penis Size

6 Ways to Increase Your Penis Size are listed and explained herein. This article is informative and will help you solve the said problem.

What is the best way to increase Pennis size?

6 Ways to Increase Your Penis Size
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One crucial matter that affects an average man is the size of his penis. Every man wants to be able to drive his woman to climax during sex but a small-sized penis will usually make the experience of sex frustrating for both the man and the woman.

A penis is a muscle that hangs between the legs of a man. Not every man is blessed with a normal or large-sized penis. A lot of factors contribute greatly to this and a typical example is your lifestyle.

If you are among the group of men who find their penis rather embarrassing, you should try to do the following and you’ll have drastic results.

1. Exercise Regularly

It is not just about building body size or having six-packs, one of the things that exercise does for you is to increase the amount of blood that flows through your body, and one of the places that the veins transport the blood to is your Penis.

As you know already that during erection, blood is transported to your penis and it makes it bigger but during exercise, blood is transported to the penis, thereby sustaining its longevity.

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2. Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Instead of the junk, you feed yourself, look for and eat fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in antioxidants. These compounds will help you to fight some free radicals in your arteries and equally give strength to the arteries. So, to increase the size of your penis, you need to consume foods and fruits that are rich in antioxidants.

3. Quit smoking

Engaging in the act of smoking and expecting your penis to grow bigger is rather competing with sanity. This is because when you smoke, some tiny particles tend to block the arteries and because it blocks the arteries, smoking is linked to heart diseases.

When the heart has a problem, it is unable to supply blood effectively and one of the parts of the body that is deprived of blood is the penis.

4. Reduce stress

When a man is anxious and stressed out, it, in turn, affects the size of his penis because as nature has it, negative emotions draw blood away from your penis making the enlargement of your penis a rather difficult task.

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5. Avoid a high-calorie diet

When you eat food that is so rich in fats and calories alongside a sedentary lifestyle, you are indirectly exposing yourself to heart diseases and a smaller size penis.

So, give up eating those junk foods, and eat something far more nourishing if what you want is a thick, healthy, and long penis.

6. Warm-up

There is a wonder about warm water. When you bathe with warm water, you give every part of your body which was not receiving adequate blood to do so, and by doing so, you give your penis the full opportunity to get larger than the original size. It would also help that when your penis is erect, the veins get stronger and expand in size.

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