What Every Father Should Know

What Every Father Should Know is discussed in this article. This will guide fathers to take charge of their families and be good parents.

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What Every Father Should Know
What Every Father Should Know – Photo Source: http://chrisclark411.blogspot.com

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The father is a male who not only donates sperm which resulted in conception or fertilization but raises a child and accepts his responsibility in the home.

A Person who plays and performs the role of a father in many ways. The focus of this article will be on what every father should know especially those neglected roles.

The fact that the father is the head of the family can not be disputed and what makes this factual are his roles and responsibilities.

The authority of any home rests on the shoulder of the father. He has control over all the family members’ affairs and decisions.

The father is not expected to control the family by using any forceful measures on the wife but make policies for the family, set goals, and establish standards.

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The father should be able to set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals, and yearly goals. He should be able to tell where the family will be and the expected achievement with respect to the set goals.

Another area that defines a father is the area of finance. The father should learn the science of management and the multiplication of money. He should learn to obtain funds to care for the family.

The father has the responsibility of working hard to provide the money needed for the upkeep of the family. This is a wrong notion for the father to depend on members of the family except in old age but often times members of the family especially the mother and other members of the family can help or assist the father.

Discipline defines a father in the family. The father should maintain discipline through proper guidance and control in the family to ensure discipline.

He should be fair and firm when dealing with the children with no favoritism. The father should be a way that daily the children to take note of his activities and unconsciously imitate him. Thus the father should be a disciple in order to direct other members of the family effectively.

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Apart from the father’s active participation in the traditionally recognized socialization function of the family, the father is also responsible for the education of the children.

He sends them to the right schools, pays their school fees, and provides the children with their basic needs. This is important for the father to develop an interest in the children or the child’s education.

Most often not much is required but a simple question and care could make children feel loved apart from their basic needs. He could also teach the children good morals.

Family relationship is another vital aspect that a father should develop. The father must ensure that there is a healthy relationship among members of his family. He should ensure that there are peace and love in the family.

The father is a model. Whatever he does is seen as being right before the children, especially in their early stages of life. It is achievable for father’s never to beat their wives and never to exchange words with their spouses in the presence of the children.

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Conclusively, the father must set live an exemplary life and help his children to emulate his good deeds. He should maintain a good values system and standard of living for the family.

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