9 Functions of the National Broadcasting Commission

9 Functions of the National Broadcasting Commission brings to you the Functions of the NBC and its strides…

9 Functions of the National Broadcasting Commission brings to you the Functions of the NBC and its strides towards better broadcasting in Nigeria.

What is National Broadcasting Commission

Functions of the National Broadcasting Commission
Functions of the National Broadcasting Commission – Photo Source: https://variety.com

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A brief history of the National Broadcasting Commission

The National Broadcasting Commission is an independently existing agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria established by Section 1 of the National Broadcasting Commission Act, Cap. NII, laws of the Federation, 2004 and vested with the responsibilities of regulating and controlling the broadcasting Industry in Nigeria.

Functions of the National Broadcasting Commission

The National Broadcasting Commission is an agency of the federal government of Nigeria which oversees the activities of broadcasting firms in Nigeria.

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Some of the Functions of the National Broadcasting Commission include:

1. The NBC Assists in Spectrum Management

A Process of regulating the use of radio frequencies to promote efficient use and to gain a net social benefit. This process has helped reshape the structure of the broadcasting industry in Nigeria.

2. Advising the Federal Government on Good Policy Making

Being the agency saddled with the task of overseeing the broadcasting industry in Nigeria, NBC plays the role of giving the federal government professional backup and advice concerning the implementation of the national mass communication policy concerning broadcasting. NBC achieves this through a routine review of events and happenings with respect to broadcasting in Nigeria.

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3. Licensing and Supervision of Broadcasting Cooperation

NBC plays a super role in ensuring compliance with laid down codes of conduct and practice by issuing licenses to practicing broadcasting firms and also goes as far as supervising their activities to avoid deviations.

Supervision of activities of broadcasting firms is carried out by its enforcement units and this has helped amend the nature of broadcasting compared to those prevalent in Nigeria many years ago.

This is to enforce quality broadcasting service provision in Nigeria through massive production of highly equipped manpower who will pilot the affairs of the broadcasting firms in Nigeria.

NBC achieves this by setting standards to be met by any institution before it can go further to offer broadcasting courses. Once highly equipped manpower is produced, the task of NBC becomes easily achieved.

5. The NBC Plays a Role in Arbitration of Broadcasting Disputes

This applies to scenarios where issues abound as a result of the normal day-to-day activities of broadcasting firms. NBC then gets down to resolving issues of that nature, being that it is saddled with such responsibility.

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6. The NBC also Issues and Enforces the Broadcasting Code

This is done to ensure that codes of conduct and practice are strictly adhered to, to make sure that consumers are protected, and to also ensure that service providers are doing their best too.

7. The NBC Undertakes Research and Development in the Industry

Owing to the fact that Nigeria plans to move with the tide and reach the levels attained by other countries of the world, NBC spearheads research and development in the broadcasting industry just to make sure that innovations and new strides are brought into the industry for better broadcasting.

8. Standardization of Broadcasting Practices

By issuing licenses, NBC helps in the standardization of broadcasting practices thereby making way for balanced competition among broadcasting firms.

9. Regulation of Broadcasting Content

NBC also plays a great task in ensuring that the contents of broadcasting are okay for consumers’ interests. It achieves this by placing bans on any broadcasting medium whose content isn’t of public benefit. This is to ensure that consumers are protected in terms of the nature of the content they receive.

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In all, NBC has played a great role in ensuring better broadcasting in Nigeria at large and has achieved this through the different strides initiated over the Years.

Broadcasting only got better when NBC got fully involved in the spearheading of the process in Nigeria.

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